Restoran Mee Papan @ Kota Kemuning


The name “Mee Papan” which direct translates to noodle wood in English suggest noodle made with wood. It actually refers to their noodle making technique which uses a thick wood to flatten the flour and then cook as traditional Hakka Pan Mee. I really am confuse with this whole pan mee and Mee hoon kuih but it seems to me, mee hoon kuih does taste a whole lot better than the pan mee, despite the similarity with the noodle texture and shape.


So I went and tried a few, one being the traditional soup pan mee of course. There is minced pork, anchovies, fried shallots, some vegetables and black fungus in the clear soup. The ingredients were pretty traditional but the soup does taste a little weird to me on my first sip. Then later I found out that the charcoal brunt came from some burnt minced pork in my bowl of noodle. They must have stir fried the minced pork and brunt some portion before putting them into my soup. So this is what you get, when you are there without an invitation. I bet things will be so much different if it’s an invited review.


1.kota kemuning pan mee (6)


Apart from the traditional texture, you have option to have noodles instead of pinched dough. And it comes with choices of either soup or dry.


2.kota kemuning pan mee
3.Chef's Pan Mee (Dry) RM4.50


So this shop doesn’t only sell pan mee despite what was written on the sign board. I tried the Curry mee and the Char siew (BBQ pork) rice as well. The later was deliciously done, somewhat similar to those in HongKong, except it is still suited to the Malaysian taste bud. The curry mee has got lots of ingredients like chicken and fish cake slices. There were lots of beansprout in it, just the way I like it in a curry noodle.


kota kemuning pan mee (1)


The char siew rice will be a good choice for those not interested with noodles. A very simple bowl of rice with some vegetables and topped with fried egg. Most which grows up with Stephen Chow’s movie would start thinking of the movie “God of Cookery” by now. LOL! So yes, it’s the same thing from in the movie.


kota kemuning pan mee (3)


The shop is nicely renovated, although serving hawker food, this place comes with AC and nice layout of tables and chairs. The noodles range from Rm 4.50- Rm6 depending on what’s ordered. I thought it was fair and moderately charged given the calm and cooling dining place. As for the beverages, they have what’s mostly ordered in the hawker centre as well. So I ordered the milk tea, which can never be as awesome as those in Hong Kong, and the sah lei(umbra) juice, which weren’t that amazing either.


kota kemuning pan mee (2)
kota kemuning pan mee (4)


Restaurant Mee Papan is located at :
56-G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla,
M31/M, Kota Kemuning,
Shah Alam, Selangor, 40460
Tel:03-5121 3625


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Love, sycookies



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