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When you are out with your friends and no one can really decide what is for dinner or lunch, the best place to go is this recent favourite of mine in Publika, Solaris Dutamas. When I receive the invitation months ago, it was still rather empty. As a matter of fact, right now is still not fully occupied or very crowded yet. But it was just nice for a peaceful meal with a wide array of varieties of choices from all different cultures. This place is based on many art concept and creativity. The entire layout is interestingly ingenious and comfortable to dine in.


2.@publika (5)
3.@publika food village (17)
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My favourite among all the stalls here is definitely the BM Yam Rice. Comes in a set, the Yam rice would come with a pork soup with so much pork meat, pork ball, liver, intestine, and pork blood. All the pork any pork lover adores.


9.yam rice @ bm yam rice @publika food village (6)
11.@publika food village (8)


Complimenting the rice and soup is the braised egg with tofu in black sauce.


10.@publika food village (5)


The rice came in a very small bowl but it was ideally satisfying for one person.


8.yam rice with pork soup @publika food village (4)


If you are not fond of rice, then there is this noodle stall with Fried Hokkien noodle. Thick Udon noodle fried with black soya sauce and chunks of pork cutlets and fresh tiger prawns. It was really lucious especially when fried in heated woknot to mention how it was sinfully loaded with lots of pork cutlet.


12.@publika (13)


If you are somewhat health conscious then there is some noodle soup like the Fish head noodle, which definitely isn’t the best that I’ve had. Palatable thou, with lots of fried fish and tomato making the soup really savoury.


13.@publika (10)


Speaking of soup, I love this stall that sells so many types of soups. Because I can only pick one and they were out of lotus root, I went for the ABC soup. Every personal pot of soups served were richly generous with their ingredients. As you can see, there were lots of potato and carrots, onions and tomato in the pot. I was overwhelmed with the amount of ingredient inside. Now with the generous ingredient, the soup was so delicious. Although I may suggest them not adding salt into it for some may like it real and original.


20.ABC soup @ publika food village (1)


So what happens when you don’t want to have rice or noodle? That’s when you head to the Yong Tau Fu stall. The individual set meals are serving at a reasonable price given the dining ambience. For Rm 7, you’ll get this Curry Chee Cheong Fun plus four pieces of any Yong Tau Fu of your choice.


14.Picture 169


And if you need some halal food, there is always something for everyone here as well. You can see the famous LST (Lorong Seratus Tahun) to offer well known savoury dishes like the Char Kuey Tiao that came with choice to ’tambah pedas’(fried with some extra chili), and Curry noodle with assorted choices of noodles.


15. noodle


Priced at average Rm 10, Juwin would say “this overpriced hawker food’’, which I agree to some extent. But I am just saying this makes a good place to come and hang in with multi racial friends gathering. Plus, they’ve got some light dishes like the Fruit Rojak and the Chee Cheong Fun. Both dishes were appetizingly interesting with lots of crunch and chunky texture from the toppings and that made a good combination respectively.


17.@publika food village (12)
18.@lst (4)


Also, there is a Chatime and wouldn’t you love to have some fresh brewed tea after a fantastic meal. Check out more photos and updates in Foodeverywhere’s Facebook page



Love, sycookies



3 Responses to “Eat Food Village @ Publika”
  1. Anonymous says:

    indeed.. cool place to hang out.. lots to eat.. yummy.. wonderful . thank you..


  2. Eunice says:

    wow.. looks sooo yummyy! XD


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