Five course authentic Thai meal @ Bangkok Connexion


The last time I had good Thai food was when I went to Kinnaree at Jaya One. Recently I visited the Bangkok Connexion and it wasn’t bad at all. Thai cuisine has known to be really spicy and true enough, the Thai dishes in Bangkok Connexion was fiery fierce and exciting. Everything was a little brine to my taste but what I love most was their cosy dinning ambience. This pub/restaurant was doing a good job setting the perfect ambience for a light beer some great meal. Each table is nicely laid and lid with candles and the bar is nicely decorated, except when there is a lot of customer you should not expect a five star service from the staffs. Let’s just say that they are incapable of working under pressure.


1.@bangkok connection
2.@bangkok connection (24)
3.@bangkok connection (29)
5.@bangkok connection (34)


There is a spacious area on the way in and there is a pool table with a few more tables and chairs to just sit and chat with your friends.


4.@bangkok connection (30)


Moving on to my meal, which was fabulous. For starters I had the Lemon grass prawn salad which tickles my taste bud with this tantalizing tangy flavor with fresh prawns. The flavor from the lemon grass roams perfectly with the prawns in mouth when eating it.


6.lemon grass prawn salad @bangkok (13)


Next was the soup and when it was served, I thought it was absurd for I can finish the bowl of hot soup in probably less than 15 seconds. But no, I was wrong. The Tom Yum Talay here was definitely excitingly piquant and I really don’t think anybody can do that. I love the spicy and freshness of the seafood in such a mini bowl. It was a fiercely hot and spicy soup with very fresh squids, prawns and fish slices, sprinkled with coriander when served.


7.tom yum talay @ bangkok connection
8.tom yum talay @ bangkok connection (1)


Savoury didn’t just stopped there, the main dishes came with explosive factor as well. I’ve always thought that the Thai cuisine were somewhat similar to those of the Chinese dishes, except it really have the spicy element of the Korean cuisine without too much of garlic and non of fermented cabbage. But what got them unique is the tangy and savoury taste which often got my saliva glands busy even before putting them in my mouth. I really like the Gaeng keaw wan gai. It is the Thai green paste curry with chicken, and it is a dish which inspires a desperate need for water.


9.Gaeng keaw wan gai (1)


And I like the simplicity of Pandan Chicken, and the Kana Pia Kem. A simply stir fried kailan with salted fish. Somewhat really similar to the Chinese style stir fried kailan. . The Pandan chicken was nicely marinated with Thai herbs and wrapped in pandan leaves. I enjoyed every piece as each piece is from the chicken tight. Hence the meat was so succulently juicy, with rich fragrant of the pandan leaves.


10.pandan chicken @bangkok connection (1)
11.kana pia kem (stir fried kailan with salted fish)@bangkok connection (7)


If you are not that much interested in a rice with dishes, there is always some nice fried rice for individual meal. There is this simple fried rice with fish cake, or the Khow ob sapparod . The first is some awesome deal of fried rice with pineapple in it. Topped with crunchy cashew nuts, and served in a pineapple.


12.Khow ob sapparod (pineapple fried rice@ bangkok connection


And not to forget there is generous portion of fresh and big prawns that comes with the fried rice at a reasonable price of RM 13.


13.Khow ob sapparod (3)


The fried rice may seem to appear rather bland, but it was nice done the correct way fried rice should have been served. It was fried in heated wok, it has all the fragrant of very simple ingredients and spices of some garlic and onion. Well complimented with some Thai fish cake, this becomes a simple yet delicious meal for one person.


11.@bangkok connection (5)


Lastly, the famous Thai dessert which I thought is an exquisite one as there has yet any resemblance of the Tab tim krob ma pao in any other cuisine. However, the Tab tim krob here didn’t quite reach up to my expectations. This homemade red ruby chestnut, sago, jackfruits, icy coconut milk wasn’t served in a coconut. And it would have been so much better if it was really chilled and icy. But it was not. Not to mention the ruby chestnut weren’t chewy from on the outside, nor was it any juicy crunch from the chestnut wrapped on the inside. It wasn’t worth Rm 12. tim krob ma pao (2)


Finally, I end the meal with my usual cup of tea.


15.@bangkok connection (28)


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Bangkok Connexion is located at:
No. 174 – 176A,
Lot 26, Jalan Ampang ,
Kuala Lumpur 50450
Tel: 03-2171 2710 / 016-227 7100
You can locate it with GPS at Longitude:101°43′ 3″Latitude :3°9′ 36″
To see location on the map, use this link


Total price for what was ordered came up to about Rm 150, including a jug of beer. It was quite a reasonable price given the great environment. However, being located at such a area with such high traffic would be a drawback for them. But then, need not worry as there are sufficient parking spaces for cars.


Love, sycookies



4 Responses to “Five course authentic Thai meal @ Bangkok Connexion”
  1. Anonymous says:

    ok soo I apologise for not replying to any of your earlier blogs. but I have to highlight to you that the deco in this restaurant is a total lack of taste n effort. the karaoke stage looks like a scene from a dodgy, rundown bar from the 80s with barely-dressed tigerbeer aunties in downtown pandan indah (no offense to whoever that lives in cheras, just trying to make a point here). and whats with miniature statues of buddha embedded into a wall of carlsberg beer? not only it is religiously insulting, it is artistically unacceptable. i mean, come on, seriously? im sure they can do much better than that. and unframed pictures of dancing thai girls on the wall? can i suggest an interior designer for them or for god’s sake, go watch at least one episode of restaurant makeover…just because they have all these so called thai-related stuff doesnt make them thai-authetic at all


    • sycookies says:

      yes Ju, the stage didn’t look that charming. The food wasn’t expensive but they are still maintaining the crowd and I do see people going to there for drinks. Also, on weekends you might not wanna go… won’t like the staffs! I’ve just tried making the thai dessert. Come back and I’ll make some for you.


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