Amazing Samgyetang @ Restaurant Haeun-Won


Some time ago, Juwin took me to this Korean restaurant by accident all because we wanted to go see some exotic turtle. I never really fancy exotic turtles but as always, I tagged along anyway. So after that, we were kind of bored and it’s close to lunch time. So I thought let’s have lunch nearby instead. So there is this dodgy mall, which doesn’t look all that attractive from the outside. We went ahead anyway. Nothing venture, nothing gain. I had this really awesome Korean food in the mall. It was a very tiny place that could hardly accommodate more than 30 people. I wasn’t too sure at first, but when the Samkyeh Tang arrives, a sip of the soup blown me away. Who could have guessed that it could be that luscious? I can say that it’s the most amazing Samkyeh Tang I’ve ever had. Not including the one made by my aunt of course. Samkyeh Tang is basically soup consisting of a whole young chicken and Korean ginseng. The chicken is stuffed with glutinous rice and boiled in a broth of Korean ginseng, red dates, garlic, ginger, and some other herbs and spices commonly used here in traditional Chinese medicine.


1.latitude= 3.0855, longtitude=101.67348


I ordered the Yang Kal bibecause I had cravings for mutton earlier. The munificent portion was sufficient for two me. But, *giggles* I can proudly and loudly say this time that I finished the entire set!




So what about the side dishes? The set meals here are accommodated to individual consumption. So not that many side dishes compared to the usual Korean restaurants. Even so, it was moderately complimenting the main dish really well. Every set comes complete with a rice, soup, three side dishes, main dish, and fruits for dessert.


3.latitude= 3.0855, longtitude=101.67348 samgettang


The Samkyeh Tang comes with salt and sesame to compliment the chicken in the soup.




As for their side dishes, it was delicious despite how it may seem rather bland from the photo. I am not sure if they have different side dishes every other day, or do they serve the same ones all the time. I will let you all know the next time I return. There is the must have Kimchi, the soft tofu, the potato, and the papaya for dessert.




You can locate it with GPS at latitude= 3.0855, longtitude=101.67348. Follow Haeun-Won Facebook page and check out more photos and updates in Foodeverywhere’s Facebook page.


Restaurant Haeun-Won is located at:
Lot 1.0.28A-1.0.30, Ground Floor
Pearl Point Batu 5
Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 KL
Tel: 03-79840069


We spend Rm 37.60 in total. Both item cost Rm 17.90 each, which I thought was fairly reasonable given how delicious and satisfying the entire meal was. I would definitely go back again for other items in their menu.


Love, sycookies




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