Porridge Time @ Sunway Pyramid


Whenever I’m sick or feeling like I am losing my appetite, I always have craving for porridge. I guess porridge became a staple food for those without any appetite to eat. Decent ones are difficult to locate, but recently I found one I thought was pretty decent and palatable. It was served as individual claypots and the porridge texture was thick and not too diluted, just the way that I like it.




I ordered the Teng Chai porridge, and I requested to add on salted egg, and you tiao. They have got other stuff like the red bean bun, glutinous rice bun, and the ma jiao. But I didn’t order those because I didn’t felt like I could finish my food.






The ingredients in the porridge were really generously served. Lots of century egg as well as crab stick. I thought it was genius to have raw crab stick slightly stirred into the porridge instead of cooking it in the porridge. That’s why the texture of crabstick somehow remained chewy. I love the salted egg in the porridge. Most places won’t have such generous amount of salted egg.




If porridge alone is too bland, do try the fried fu chuk. Amazingly appetizing due to the crispy outer layer. Fish paste wrapped in it was a little brine when eaten alone, but it complimented the porridge well.




Lastly, I finish the meal with a cup of Cham ( a mixture of tea and coffee). Smooth milk tea with a slight touch of coffee makes a perfect Cham. Since I am not so much of a coffee person, I like it a lot because this is a slightly softer and smoother version of coffee.




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Porridge Time is located at :
Lot F1-AV-187
Asian Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid,
Bandar Sunway.


The Teng Chai porridge cost Rm 6.50, with Rm 1 extra for additional salted egg. You tiao is Rm 1.40, and fried fu chuk cost me Rm 5.50. So the total price I paid for the meal was almost Rm 18 including service tax. I thought it was okay, and I definitely will come back to them the next time I feel like eating porridge.


Love, sycookies




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