Sushi Zanmai @Sunway Pyramid


The sudden crave to have proper sushi suddenly rushed in last month and no way I was going to just ignore that. I visited Sushi Zanmai inSunway Pyramid and good thing we do not need a huge table, or else I advise making reservation before going to the restaurant. The line was crazy if you go in a group, and needs a table. So the proper way to eating a one person portion sushi (normally 8 pieces), is normally starting out with the ones with lighter or milder taste. Then, gradually work your way up to those with a stronger taste. So I started with Tai (sea beam) and Hirame (flounder) but they were out of it. Which was my first disappointment, but what’s worst was my Tai sushi being served last instead of first. Clearly, the Itamei (chef) didn’t know what he was doing. However, the good news is they were really fresh.


1. tai@sushi zanmai (14)


Next, the Toro (fatty tuna) which I thought was palatable. If you are expecting it to be rich and melting in your mouth, don’t get your hopes up.


2.@sushi zanmai (6)


Next disappointment is the Salmon Toro (salmon belly) which ,well…you can see for yourself. So honestly, presentation wise was a failure.


3. toro salmon@sushi zanmai (15)


Good thing the salmon made everything alright. It kind of redeemed themselves. I am guessing there should not be any problem ordering this due to the high demand from customers. Although I really didn’t like how they present the sushi all cramped up on a single plate.


4.salmon @sushi zanmai
5. @sushi zanmai (5) salmon, inari ss crab, ss tamago mentai, ss kani mayo, ss chuka kurage


Anyhow my craving for proper sushi has drenched down into the drain when they couldn’t serve me my Tai sushi. But I do like the rest. I had the Tamago Mentai, which any Tamago fan would love. There is this basic Tamago sushi topped with mayonnaise and slightly burned to give the charred aroma. Also the Chuka kurage (jelly fish) sushi for anyone favouring the texture of the Chuka kurage.


7. ss tamago mentai @sushi zanmai (8)
8.chuka kurage@sushi zanmai (1)


Now a must try for the salmon fans, try the Spicy Salmon Maki, and the Cranky salmon Makimono. Both delightfully lip smacking.


9.spicy salmon maki zanmai
10.cranky salmon makimono@ushi zanmai (45)
11.cranky salmon makimono


As for the crab lovers, try their soft shell sushi. I ordered the Soft shell crab maki and the spider roll. The spider roll is heavenly when combined with the avocado on top of the roll. crab mk@ushi zanmai (21)
13.spider roll @ushi zanmai (29)
14.spider roll @ushi zanmai (33)


There is also the Inari soft shell crab and the Inari with crab and roe for those fan of Inari.


15.inari ss crab@ushi zanmai (25)
16.inari with crab and roe
27.@sushi zanmai (13)


Next I had the Chicken teriyaki and just as you thought nothing could go wrong with chicken teriyaki, I saw the most horrible thing and that really freak me out a bit. I’m not sure if it was a fortunate thing, but I did notice how foods were prepared while sitting at the sushi bar. The chefs were wearing plastic gloves, and that certainly kept the food sanitary from direct contact with their hands. However, they also touch everything else with the plastic gloves on. Also, I saw them marinating and skewing raw chicken right next to readymade sushi. Well, have they not heard of Salmonella bacteria?


17.chicken teriyaki


The good news is I did not have any food poisoning or stomach discomfort of any kind after the meal. So if I ever do return to this place, I probably order cooked items done in the kitchen only. I would like to deceive myself and that what I don’t see is not going to harm me. Now the Kakiage soba was good. The portion nicely served for one person and because I had this noodle while they are having Chinese New Year menu, I also tried the Auspicious mabo ramen although there was nothing ‘mabo’ in it. The shrimps were very fresh though.


18. kakiage soba sushi zanmai
19.auspicious mabo ramen@sushi zanmai (17)


The Unagi okonomyaki was delectable. It was really enjoyable, especially after cleansing my palate with a sip of green tea.


20.@ushi zanmai (2)
21.unagi okonomyaki@ushi zanmai (35)
22.unagi okonomyaki@ushi zanmai (39)


Lastly, the best Ika sugatayaki I have ever had in any sushi chains around. The squeeze of lemon really brought out the flavor in the squid. The Ika sugatayaki was supposedly appetizer, but because we were so hungry, we really didn’t bother much with the sequence anymore.


ika sugatayaki@ushi zanmai (48)
ika sugatayaki@ushi zanmai (47)


And speaking of appetizer, let’s not forget the edamame and the potato salad. I like the edamame a lot, as it was nicely boiled and the fact that some still have the stalk attached to it, made it looked really fresh, and I love that.


26.potato mayo salad


Follow them at their Facebook page for outlet locations and updates. Also, check out more photos and updates in Foodeverywhere’s Facebook page



Sushi Zanmai is located at;
Lot OB2-F1, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre
No 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway
46150, Pj Selangor
Tel: 03-74923080


Prices range within Rm 4-Rm 8 per plate on average for sushi, where as dishes and noodles range within RM 15-Rm 30. Total price for what was ordered came up to about Rm 280 including the refillable tea. I supposed others that we need to consider would be their hygiene.


Love, sycookies



3 Responses to “Sushi Zanmai @Sunway Pyramid”
  1. yk says:

    If you want Zanmai, never choose the Sunway branch.

    You will understand until you tried Low yat branch Zanmai, it is way far better.


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