Banana Leaf Rice @ Kanna Curry House

After my first review at Sri Paandi, there has been more demand from readers to publish more local Indian food. So I thought I could do another write up on one of my favourite famous banana leaf rice. Many would have already known them, but I thought it would be a good share. There are few around PJ area and I never really did have a favourite outlet. Here, like most Indian restaurant serves 3 dishes, rice, 3 gravy (chicken, fish and dahl). I definitely find their dahl least impressive than Paandi’s. But their service gets a five star.


1.@kanna curry house


Here, I tried the sambal prawn which I don’t think was really fresh. And if you ask me, the texture of the prawn on that day was almost closed to mushy. And for those not too favourable to spicy food, you can forget about ordering this. It was fiery hot.


2.@kanna curry house (2)


In contrary to the prawn, the curry mutton was delectable. It wasn’t too hard, and it doesn’t have lots of fats on it. But then again, these can be subjected to the daily ingredient.


3.@kanna curry house (1)


I usually like fried fish roe a lot, but they were out on that day. So I went for the fried squid instead. Fresh squid coated with chili flour and some curry leaves. It was crunchy on the outside and scrumptious on the inside. They were really good with controlling the time to not overcook the squid. Therefore, it wasn’t hard or rubbery. In fact it was soft and chewy.


4.@kanna curry house (4)


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Restaurant Kanna curry house is located at :
29 Jalan 17/45,
Petaling Jaya
Selangor, 46400


Do note that this meal had cost me almost Rm 50. So I would say do think twice when ordering the side dishes.


Love, sycookies



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