Desserts @ Hong Kong Dessert


A few months back I visited the Hong Kong Dessert for supper. It wasn’t the first time I visited this outlet in SS15 Subang Jaya. Sometimes I drop by the main branch in SS 2 as well. Apart from the difficulty in getting a car park in this area, the food was worth the hassle. There were ranges of desserts, from sweet soup to puddings which I love, to cakes and bites, and ice cream which I won’t recommend.
I manage to try almost some from every type, so let us begins with sweet soup. I tried the papaya and white fungus sweet soup and the sweet potato soup. Indeed sweet, but the sweet potato soup was charming for the sweet potato used were the younger ones. So the texture was amazingly smooth. as for the papaya and white fungus, it would be a great dessert to convince yourself and ignore the guilt when eating such sweet dessert. Because the papaya and white fungus is known to be great for the skin and good to revitalize your body, I say keep bluffing ourselves so long as it makes us happy. dessert


Next I had my favourite black sesame soup, which was rather disappointed. The entire thing tasted bitter and brunt. Think smoked black sesame grinded and made into soup. It was horrible. So you might want to avoid this. At least I know I wouldn’t order this the next time I come to this place. No matter how much I like black sesame. sesame soup hk dessert


The peanut sweet soup wasn’t attractive to me too. There is a difference between the peanut sweet soup and the peanut butter sweet soup. This one tasted a little buttery if you ask me. But to be fair to them, I was not a very big fan of peanut sweet soup.


3.peanut sweet soup


We also ordered this sweetened sago with lotus seed which is served both hot or chilled. I ordered one that is served chilled. Normally, most dessert shops just throw in some ice if you ordered it chilled. But this one was really chilled prior to my order.


4.Sweetened sago with rati and lotus seed @ hong kong dessert. Serves both hot and chilled. Chilled recommended..sset


Because my ultimate objective there is for supper, I had the mix pan cake, the Hong Kong chicken Spring Roll, and the Deep fried Golden Radish Pudding. Note that the mix pancake is comprised of the mango flavor (one in yellow) and the durian flavor (one in green). So if you dislike either one, you can always not order the mix plate. There is this thin layer of flour skin wrapping the fresh cream that was wrapping the fruit which is right in the middle. It wasn’t any bit intriguing, but I thought the creativity was brilliant.


5.mix pancake hk dessert pancake hk dessert
7.durian pancake hk dessert


As for the Hong Kong chicken Spring Roll and the Deep fried Golden Radish Pudding, both was interesting. I really like the spring roll because the fillings were juicy despite the crispy fried outer skin. chicken spring roll hk dessert


The Deep fried Golden Radish Pudding, was palatable and it goes really well with the Thai chili sauce.




Moving to my all time favourite which is the pudding, they have got quite a bit of interesting choices as well. I kind of like the caramel pudding even though I am no big fan of caramel. Wasn’t dulcified to extreme, and I love it just as it is.


11.caramel pudding @hongkong dessert


Then there is this interesting item which I thought I must try it, double and skimmed milk custard. Haven’t had those in any other dessert shops. It was indeed new to me, and I kind of like the milky fragrant.


12.IMG-hk desser20110414-01938
13.hong kong dessert -doublenskimked milk custard.


Lastly, we had my friend Shean’s favourite; the ginger soup with sesame rice balls. Again, the sesame was good. Thank goodness not burnt, and the glutinous ball was amazingly chewy. Good job on this. Who says we’ll have to wait till the winter solstice festival to enjoy this?


14.ginger soup with sesame rice balls hk dessert
15.hong kong dessert -3,07355,longitude 101,58807IMG-20110414-01946


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Hong Kong dessert is located at :
57, Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 03-56323204
36, Ground Floor,
Jalan SS2/63,
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Love, sycookies




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