Big Nabe Udon @ Marufuku by the lakeside


First of all, Marufuku didn’t quite appeal to me from the begining. But I went ahead and gave it a try anyway. To my surprise, it wasn’t such a bad experience for me. Although I had to make a second attempt for on the first attempt, they weren’t open. And do take note that was a public holiday. So I didn’t quite get the concept of them closing on public holidays. Nonetheless, I really like the dining experience. Now first of all, the whole lakeside view is astonishingly divine. The fact that the place caters to 70 percent of students, upon pass 8 pm, it will be really quiet and peaceful. The shop reminds me so much like actual Japanese restaurant in Japan. Small shop with few tables. I was there for the Big Nabe.


1.marufuku big nabe (2)
5. marufuku big nabe (10)


It was served on a portable stove so I love the fact that the soup is always hot. Also, the staffs were very attentive and thoughtful. They constantly refill soup from our claypot and I have to say that it was really satisfying, especially on a cold raining night, by the lakeside.


2.marufuku big nabe (6)
2.2 marufuku big nabe (8)


There was chicken, carrots, radish, fresh shitake mushroom, spring onions and lots of cabbage. The soup is really sweet from the bighearted amount of ingredients. It’s really a bluff when they said its for 2person, cause I thought it could feed 5 me. Together with the pot of soup is their famous Udon noodle.


3.marufuku big nabe (3)


Basically, the boiling soup is to go with the udon noodle, and trust me with this. The dining experience was really relaxing. Kind of like the feeling when having steamboat, but better.


4.marufuku big nabe (9)
5.marufuku big nabe (11)


Don’t forget to try the Tori Karaagebecause I find this rather intriguing. Normally Tori Karaage would be deep fried chicken cutlets coated with flour. This one was probably done with a different marinating ingredient and flour. I think the best and closest description would be uncle bob chicken. Think the thickly coated yet crunchy deep fried chicken in cutlet in bite size. Crusty on the outside, tender within.


6.marufuku big nabe (4)


Apparently the featuring item on their menu is a wide assortment of Yakitoris. There were chicken, chicken liver, chicken’s bishop and much more. I tried the chicken yakitori, which basically taste much like our local satay, minus the lemon grass and kunyit.


7.marufuku big nabe (14)


Lastly, I love the texture of my dessert. The Dango. Glutinous ball with sweet red bean. It kind of reminded me of the Taiwanese mochi, but without the fillings. Mochi normally have sweet fillings on the inside. But this one has nothing in it.


8.marufuku big nabe (16)
9.marufuku big nabe (17)


Find more photos and updates in Foodeverywhere’s Facebook page. The meal was amazing, and the experience was ambrosial. Great ambience and awesome service. The entire meal cost Rm 45with refillable green tea.



Marufuku is located in :
LG1-10, Syopz, Taylor’s U,
Taylor’s Lakeside Campus,
No 1, Jln Taylor’s , 47500
Subang Jaya, Selangor.


Love, Sycookies



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