Healthy meal @ the chicken rice shop


There really is nothing fascinating about the Chicken Rice Shop, but I decided to post this anyway because I thought the price is somewhat really reasonable. I was in the Chicken Rice Shop recently and I spend a little longer looking at their menu. That was when I realized that it is actually not bad for value for money. I ordered the healthy meal comprising of the steamed chicken breast, chicken rice, braised tofu and egg, beans sprout, soup of the day and the soya bean. All for the price of Rm 15.99. Don’t forget that you also pay for the convenient parking, and the air conditioner. Plus, it is not too bad although I can’t say that it was amazing either.


chicken rice shop


And while I was there, I tried the prawn BBQ chicken wan tan mee noodle. I was rather impressed with how it was so similar to the halal wan tan mee. As peculiar as it is, this one do have its own unique style. But I see this item as a little overpriced for it costs Rm 13.99.


chicken rice shop 20111011-04495


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For their outlet locations, follow the Chicken Rice shop on Facebook at Chicken Rice shop page .


Love , Sycookies



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