Everyday is Valentine’s Day @ Sweet Hut @ SS15


Having celebrated the Valentine’s Day, I thought this would be a good share for more sweets and love for your other half throughout the many more days to come. Desserts have always been able to really get anyone into a very good mood, even if you are not a fan of sweet stuff. In Sweet Hut, there is always something for everyone because their desserts ranges from ice cream, fruits, puddings, snow ice, tarts, fries, and a whole variety of sweet soup. So there is definitely something for someone and it is a great hangout place for families and friends.
Upon arriving, I was overwhelmed by the shop deco. The warm colours from the signboards and lights from the shop were so welcoming you can’t wait to walk right in. not to mention how the staffs were really welcoming. Great service gets both thumbs up from us.




Next would be the desserts they serve. We get a few chef recommendations and my favourite is the amazing Steam aloe and egg white milk with papaya. It was amazing. Aloe vera would give the chunky sensation and the egg white was slightly steamed so the fluffy and smooth texture really combines well with the aloe vera. Not to mention how the papaya was soft and sweet.


Next is the Coconut Pudding with Caramel pudding, which I didn’t quite fancy. Rather subjective as I have never been a big fan of coconut. However, the caramel pudding was heavenly divine.


4. Picture st 167
Having said that, I thought the coconut pudding was refreshingly interesting.


5. coconut
And one item that I strongly recommend is the baked marquis chocolate pudding with ice cream. The chocolate is very thick and rich. Tempered as well, of course and when having it with the ice cream…yummy. Also, fresh cut slices of food went really well to compensate the sweetness of the chocolate.


6.1 IMG-20120214-WA015


Speaking of fresh, Sweet Hut in SS15 insists on using fresh ingredient and nothing is to be saved for till the next day. Therefore everything would be freshly served upon ordering. That means, you might experience items being sold out upon approaching later hours of the day. I thought the egg tart is really amazing.


8.Picture st 173


There are also others that are filling which are perfect as light snacks. Like the French fries, or the golden mango pancake.


10.Picture st 174
11.golden mango pancake@ sweet hut 20110401-01677


And speaking of mango, there are many desserts with mango in it. Mango lovers can just drop by anytime for you will always find lovely mango desserts. I do like the fresh mango sago pamelo soup with mango ice cream and coconut pudding


12.fresh mango sago pamelo soup with mango ice cream and coconut pudding @sweet hut 20110401-01662
If ever visit them on a hot day, do order the fresh milk oreo snow ice with caramel pudding. Honestly, the Oreo didn’t quite appeal to me. But it is very lovely when having during a hot weather.


13.Picture st 159
And the caramel pudding was smooth and saturated with caramel flavor.


If you don’t like the caramel puddings, try the milk almond pudding with sesame soup. Fan of sesame seed would love this. I thought the mild bitter sweet was a sensational combination with the fruits. .


15.sweet hut 20110401-01659milk almond pudding with sesame soup.
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Sweet Hut is located at:
No 12. Ground Floor,
Jalan SS15/8B Subang Jaya,
Selangor, 47500 Malaysia
Tel: 0162208811


Stay sweet and Valentine’s Day can be celebrated everyday here at the Sweet Hut @ SS15. Take your sweet hearts, lovers, friends, buddies and family there to have an intriguing experience in desserts. Myself and photographer Wee, enjoyed the desserts very much and I would like to thank sweet heart Dake Lee, for inviting us to such a lovely sweet hut!


Love, sycookies


6 Responses to “Everyday is Valentine’s Day @ Sweet Hut @ SS15”
  1. gsc says:

    looks good. but where about?,, thanks.. yummy


  2. sycookies says:

    Yea Frankie, I thought so as well. But the ingredients were really fresh. So I guess we pay for the effort they put in. Do you find their desserts really really sweet ?


  3. Danny New says:

    Nice share! I thought the milk almond pudding with sesame soup, with the fruits looks like a Jacuzzi haha! 🙂


  4. Frankie John says:

    I went there before. The foods not bad but a bit costy only. 🙂


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