Dim Sum @ Restaurant Ful Lai


Whenever I felt like I couldn’t think of what to eat on Sundays, the standard answer is Dim Sum. This is my second post on Dim Sum but I have much that has yet to be published. To be very honest, I do fancy Dim Sum a lot, probably the same reason why I adore Japanese Sushi. It must be due to the wide array of varieties offered in most Dim Sum place. But even that is subjective for that only applies if you manage to go early. For one like me…..that is almost impossible. So by now, I am already rather familiar with where to go for Dim Sum whenever feeling like having it at any odd hour of the day. Especially during the night, when the weather is cooling, it is awesome to just chill with friends over some nice hot tea. My favourite is Chrysanthemum but I should warn you guys that the Chrysanthemum tea here is always weird tasting.


3.crysenthemum tea in pot @ restaurant ful lai kuchai lama


There is a famous one most people are already quite familiar with in Kepong called the Restaurant Ful Lai. They have a branch in Kepong, which I visited pretty often lately. And I have no idea which is the main branch. Anyhow this restaurant is awesome as it is open 23 hours a day. So, the chances are really high that you’ll get to eat Dim Sumanytime you visit the place. And do note that it is not any fancy restaurant with air condition or pretty furniture. The Kepong branch is a corner lot, and they take up the porch area with tables under some big trees by the main road. The common Dim Sum most people order is the Siew Mai or Har Kao and fish ball. So obviously, the standard ones is a must. I had the Siew Mai and the fish ball. The Siew Mai was palatable, I wasn’t too thrill with it. But I was definitely alright with it. The meat was finely minced and the pork fragrant was great when spiced into the Siew Mai. Fish ball didn’t quite had the bouncy texture, but it definitely taste delectable.


1.@restaurant ful lai kuchai lama (6)
2.@restaurant ful lai kuchai lama (4)


Then there are some other common Dim Sum like the Pau and some other fried stuffs. But all Dim Sum are really kind of similar because they all never wonder far from pork filling or fish paste filling. So for the fried stuffs, I ordered some fried Fu chuk, fried prawn dumpling, and my favourite fried yam


4.@restaurant ful lai kuchai lama (7)
5.@restaurant ful lai kuchai lama (8)
6.fried yam @ restaurant ful lai kuchai lama


Then there is one creative Dim Sum which got my attention the first time I had it, and I sort of ordered it ever since then on my every visit.


7.steam seafood tofu wrapped with bacon and cabbage@ restaurant ful lai kuchai lama


It is the common seafood tofu you can purchase in any hypermarket at the frozen department. Those seafood tofu were rolled with bacon and wrapped in cabbage leaf. It’s very sweet, with aromatic flavor of bacon and fantastic, spongy texture from the seafood tofu.


8.@restaurant ful lai kuchai lama (1)


Now if you are a big fan of pau, then you might want to remember to order the Char siew Pau because I really thought that it was delicious. The filling in the Pau is generously plump but not too brine, perfectly balanced. I was tempted to order the rest of the Paus especially those with sweet paste fillings. I guess we’ll have to save that for other visits.


9.@restaurant ful lai kuchai lama (9)
10.@restaurant ful lai kuchai lama (10)


The rest that I enjoyed and never fails to order each time I have Dim Sum would be the Pei tan(century egg). And I like this one here with the yolk slightly undercooked.


11.@restaurant ful lai kuchai lama


Here they serve porridges and Chee Cheong Fun. It wasn’t the best Chee Cheong Fun, so don’t bother ordering it if you are very into Chee Cheong Fun.


17.chee cheong fun @ restaurant ful lai kuchai lama
16.dec food 316


Then there is also this pork ribs which I thought was somewhat different from most places. Most places have the ribs and soft bones steamed with fermented beans and chili. Here, it’s kind of marinated with slightly sweet and sour and tangy chili. Also, it was coated with flour a little because of the starchy texture.


13.@restaurant ful lai kuchai lama (5)


Note that they have baby octopus sprinkled with sesame seeds, similar to those in sushi king. So I didn’t quite realize when baby octopus becomes part of Dim Sum?


12.baby octopus @ restaurant ful lai kuchai lama


But on top of all that, I want to recommend the Baked cheese escargot. No need to go to any fancy Italian restaurant and pricing at Rm 12 per plate (half dozen), you should really try it.


13.@restaurant ful lai kuchai lama (2)
14.@restaurant ful lai kuchai lama (3)


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Restaurant Ful Lai is located at :
Kepong Branch:
No 47 & 49, Jalan 3/62A,
Bandar Sri Manjalara,
Off Jalan Kepong, Mukim Batu,
55200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6274 7610

Kuchai Lama Branch:
1G, (GF) Jalan 2/116B,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:03 -79836851


Prices range within Rm 1.70-Rm 7 per plate. Special dishes would cost up to Rm 12 per plate. Total price for what was ordered came up to about Rm 50, including the tea. For the quality, I guess it was rather reasonable. I definitely would return for more.


Love, sycookies




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