Valentine’s Day @ Cloud Nine Restaurant, Look Out Point

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, couples and lovers are probably lovingly planning for a romantic meal to be shared as well as to spend the intimate moments as one that is unforgettable and memorable. The location itself is already a bomb, and while you are there try this Middle Eastern restaurant where you can spend a long time savoring your meal while enjoying the fantastic view.




A cooling hilltop restaurant backlit by twinkling city lights with Iranian chef serving an array of delectable sizzling and steaks accompanied by mushroom soup and Shirazi salad, a Middle Eastern medley of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and dried mint leaves. I went for the Iranian lamb kebab, the kobideh kebab. This comes with lime, chopped onion, mint leaves, tomotao, carrots, and capsicum.


2.Picture st 242
2.1 kobideh kebab @ cloud nine look out point ampang


If you order the Sirloin steak, it would come with salad, and fries. Iranians eat lots of fresh and raw vegetables, with spices to come for a spectacular presentation. The Shirazi salad was appetizingly tangy and crunchy.


3.sirloin steak @ cloud nine look out point ampang
4.shirazi salad @ cloud nine look out point ampang


Speaking of appetizing, let’s not forget the appetizer cream of mushroom soup. Which I must be a bit honest was no big deal at all. And if I were to have any say at the menu, would be instantly remove from it. It was not bland, neither was it palatable. And I am already not a fan of Campbell mushroom soup, so anything else worse than a canned soup would be this mushroom soup here. It made a bad appetizer.


5.cream of mushroom soup @ cloud nine look out point ampang


Having said that, nothing can go wrong with fried snacks so I guess the vegetable samosa was palatable. Most weekends and special occasions like the Valentine’s Day, would be rather crowded with youngsters and couples. Let’s not forget that shisha is also available at the Cloud Nine Restaurant in ten flavours. So 30% of the crowd was actually there to chill and enjoy a relaxing moment with the cooling ambient without having to bear the cost to the Genting or the Cameron highlands.


6.vegetable samosa @ cloud nine look


I also ordered the humus, an Iranian dip that comes with the bread and this can cost you a lot of time if topped with some tea for good long chat.


7.1 humus @ cloud nine look out point ampang


One think you should know is that the beverages don’t come cheap. I had my usual Jasmine green tea


jasmine green tea @ cloud nine look out point ampang


Lastly, if you are ever there plan ahead so you can enjoy the beautiful sight and cooling weather from the hilltop dining experience. I must confess that the best of what I’ve tried must be the lamb but the scenery and the relaxing ambient is the star in this place. For those into shisha, there are ten flavours to choose, with nice and comfy seats on a podium.
Everyone and anyone would like this calming and soothing hang out where you can take a stroll around the restaurant while enjoying the perfect view of KL night view. And for those with passion for scenery photography, dusk is the best time. Look at our photographer Wee, getting all obsessed with the panoramic view. And ignoring the food…sigh.. The entire meal cost about Rm 90 but the view was amazingly worth the trip.




Cloud Nine Restaurant
Pusat Pelancongan Menara Tinjau (Look Out Point), Jalan
Ampang – Hulu Langat, 43100 Bukit Langat, Selangor.
Phone: 012-973 9495 (Mohd) / 017-606 5953 (Shah) /
Calling hours: 5pm – 2am


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Love, sycookies


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