Chinese New Year 2012 celebration day 2

On the second day of Chinese New Year, everyone was pretty much still enjoying the festive and the food we had was gorgeous. Go to for Chinese New Year celebration in day 1. Breakfast was slightly lighter than the first day. We had some dumpling, and rice cake.
Dumpling made with pumpkin and flour for the skin and julienne Chinese turnips with carrots and some mushroom.


Also the rice cake with coconut milk and flour mixture steamed to set in a tray and cut into pieces. I don’t fancy so much of these because it tasted kind of weird to me.


Then it is pretty much lazing around, and watching almost everything that is on TV. For lunch, we had the pun choi which is a whole lot of seafood cooked in a pot as one. During the Chinese New Year, it is a tradition that it is alright to eat a little expensive. So the pun choi here kind of cost about Rm 200.


There is abalone, fish maw, scallops, and sea cucumber braised with thick chicken stock and stir fried with some green pea. The fish maw taste really good as the thick broth was totally soaking the fish maw.


Next, there is also sambal sotong which is very much the nyonya flavors.


Following the squid, we also have fried fish topped with spring onions, garlic, and chili stir fried with soy and oysters sauce.


Also, we had vegetables for the fiber. We had stirred fried bitter gourd with chicken, as well as fried vegetables with garlic.


As I mentioned in my previous post, Chinese loves the lou sang. So we did it at home anyway. We did the lou sang.


I love the colours and it was a rather generous portion given how this was pre packed and sold in boxes in Jaya Jusco.


Mum also prepared some vegetarian dishes for relatives whom are vegetarian. I like the bean curd skin.


Others including this mix vegetable claypot which had lotus root, ginko, almond, and black fungus mushroom. I thought it was fascinating because there were no anchovies or chicken or whatsoever as stock or broth, but still tasted awesome.


When dinner comes, we went to this restaurant called the Aunty Fatso restaurant.


Because most Chinese restaurant would be still closed on the second day of Chinese New Year, the fact that this one is open brought many customers to them.


For the appetizer, popular in demand during the festive is no other than the lou sang. It was so popular in demand that the restaurant had to set up an extra both just for the dish.


When mixing all the colourful fried vermicelli with raw salmon, the portion was just nice for everyone because everybody kind of just had a little bit of it.


Next is the shark’s fin soup. Unlike some restaurant, this one came with the fin separately served to the table.


The waitress then helped stirred the fin in and served us each with a bowl of shark’s fin soup.


After that, we had some fried noodle. We had my favorite watan hor which is fried kuey tiau topped with thick starchy gravy stirred with egg.


Following that was all the seafood we could think off. First were the crab, one with sauce and one stirred with salty egg. I didn’t quite like it and I barely had any.


I quite like this sweet and sour crab with fried bread to go with. So much better than what I had in Yat Yeh Hing ( ).


It was served with fried bread and I really like the combination of the fried bread with the sweet and sour sauce of the crab.


Apparently crabs are the selling dishes in this restaurant.


Then the squids. Fried calamari and fried squid served with mayonnaise.


I really like the squid as each slice was succulently soft and not overcooked. I thought it wasn’t really easy to not overcooked squids, but the chef did it really well.


Lastly, were the steamed fishes. We kind of like the both the ginger and garlic steamed with soy sauce, as well as the spring onion and garlic steamed with soy sauce, hence we ordered both.


I really like the steam fish with ginger and garlic steamed with soy sauce. The fish was really fresh.


Apparently those were fishes from the sea. Come customers like the fishes here because they were really fresh from water.


The vege lovers would also like their mix vegetables, with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, shitake mushrooms, button mushroom, and my favourite baby corn.


Other than that, there was the fried Chinese mustard green vegetable with salted fish. Nothing fascinating about this one as it was quite a common vegetable used in Malaysia.


I like the Sabah plant, which apparently was a seasonal vegetable as we don’t normally get to buy it at the market or the shopping malls, at least not that I am aware of. The plant does not have an English name and is called the pucuk cekur manis. Fried with dried shrimps and sambal belacan, the texture is amazingly crunchy and juicy.


So we had fish, seafood, soup, and vegetables. What’s missing was some meat. We tried what is featured as chef’s recommended (all printed and advertised on the wall).


Apparently it was really delicious. The honey coated pork ribs, and the sweet and sour pork with yam ring.


With all that, we ordered the Thai coconut juice served as a whole coconut and it was very refreshing. That sort of made a great finishing to the meal.


Restaurant Aunty Fatso is located in Melaka town in Jalan Melaka Raya 30, and you can locate it with GPS at longitude: 102.254538 and Latitude : 2.183398

There will be more post of the 9th day of Chinese New Year prayer ceremony, which is very big amongst the Hokkien Chinese as well as the 15th day of Chinese lunar calendar celebration to mark the Chinese New Year celebration. Please wait for the post which will be published very soon.

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Love, sycookies

6 Responses to “Chinese New Year 2012 celebration day 2”
  1. Lisa says:

    May I know do they accept credit card payment too ? Or just cash payment? Tks


  2. Shean says:

    I like the main photo a lot. Good job!
    Besides, I really enjoy the CNY series. Can’t wait for the 8th day & 15th day episodes.
    Keep it up!!!


  3. darrennpy says: im hungry… 😦


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