Traditional Chinese food for Chinese New Year celebration

Chinese New Year is a huge auspicious celebration for almost everybody in Malaysia. Even the non-Chinese are celebrating and enjoying everything it is that is part of the festive season. I am enjoying the food, (as always) and I manage to shoot a couple of photos of food and decors on day one and day two of Chinese New Year.
It is said that Chinese New Year is a 15 days celebration and the 9th day; the Chinese perform a worship ceremony with lots of interesting display and traditional food. Not to mention endless fireworks and continuous fire crackers. If I manage to get any photos, I will share them in my next post. For now, I’ve got some of the dishes most Chinese would have on the first day of Chinese New Year.
In the morning, children would greet the elderly with auspicious greetings, and the elderly would give a red packet with money as a sign of great wealth in the coming New Year. Of course, the kids would love this for that means this is the time of the year for them to earn some easy money for those pretty little things that they like.


Then mother would serve extravagant breakfast with size-up portions compared to usual days. Yea….this is breakfast..


So we had fried glass noodles, with shitake mushroom, chicken strips, deep fried cuttlefish (the curly stripy thingy), and spring onion. It was fried with chicken broth and some soy sauce.


Next is the traditional spring roll cut into cutlet size and deep fried with coated flour. Inside the spring roll is minced pork, carrots, water chestnut, shitake mushroom, flour, all seasoned with salt, five spice powder and sugar. Wrapped in Fu chuk skin and steamed before coating with flour and fry it.


The spring roll is to be served with pickled white and red carrots and cucumber. Taste a little spicy and tangy at the same time.


We also had the roasted pork, with very crunchy skin and succulent meat.


So there is meat, noodles, and roasted pork. For good luck, mother fried a plump slice of fish topped with stirred oysters sauce and some garlic and spring onion.


Also, some fried vegetable and pig stomach soup with pepper.


Moving on to the Chinese New Year ‘must have’s are all the bottomless cookies, and cakes, and junk foods.

14.cake 3

As well as everybody’s favourite, the shandy


Don’t forget the pretty décor within the house to welcome relatives, friends and guests to share the festive with joy and laughter.


My all time favourite is the lion dance. We burn and start the fire cracker upon the arrival of the lion dance team, with the noise of drums and laughter from kids around the neighborhood and it was merry and exciting.
17. IMG-20120125-05067
The lion would come into the house for good luck and bow to the elderly as a gesture of respecting the elderly. Then the lion would eat mandarin oranges given to them and in return, it would then present the host with peeled mandarin oranges arranges in beautiful shape like a flower. Also for good luck and prosperity.


When dinner time arrives, we all head on to the Dragon Deluxe Restaurant and all family members gather to Lou Sang.

20.lou sang

Every member would stir all the colourful crispy flours and fried vermicelli with ginger topped with tangy sour plum sauce and raw fish slices as a symbol of good luck.


Then came the favourite soup of all time for Chinese, the Shark’s fin soup. In which in actual fact is a thick starchy chicken and seafood broth, with egg, and shredded chicken, scallops and crab meat.


The dishes would come one at a time, and right after the fin soup, we had Herbal chicken braised with Chinese herbs and red dates. The chicken is very moist and sweet.


After the chicken, it was then followed by the sweet and tangy sauce fried prawn. With honey and mayonnaise, the fresh tiger prawn is my favourite.


And for good luck, the restaurant also serves steam fish in the package and the fish is amazingly fresh.


The following two dishes are most likely to serve some vegetables, but it came with some flour bean curd and button mushrooms.


The next was broccoli with amazing stock and thick gravy in slices of fish maw and fish paste with oysters. I love the oysters very much.


Restaurant Dragon Deluxe is located in Melaka town and you can locate it with GPS at longitude:102°13′ 11″Latitude :2°15′ 30″
To see location on the map, use the following link.
That is pretty much the first day of common Chinese New Year celebration for any family. Next post would be food from the following day of the Chinese New Year celebration this year.
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Love, sycookies

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