Sakae Sushi

Recently I had sakae sushi and there was a few dishes I ordered that’s worth recommendation. Plus, I have been watching too much series and dramas which features Japanese food lately. As a result of that, I ended up craving for Japanese food all the time. Sakae is one Japanese food chain which always has new sushi and Japanese dishes with a touch of creativity. Anyway, I took few photos so I thought some maybe interested.
I love this appetizer very much. The Kogane manryo, which is the seasoned squid, stuffed with smelt fish roe. Its served cold, and the texture is amazing. Chewy on the outside and the roe has a mild, smoky, salty taste, with a crunchy texture.
1. IMG-20110602-02474
For the set meals, we had Mizu, which is the soft shell crab with spicy tofu sauce accompanied with salmon sashimi. Not quite a good idea for me because I eat so slowly. By the time I am halfway through, the fried soft shell crab was already soggy and soft. A similar description for this is the Chinese mapo tofu.

2. Mizu _soft shell crab with spicy tofu sauce accompanied with salmon sashimi.20110602-02479

I am not too sure as to how significant is the sides to this dish. I really don’t think sashimi is a great idea.

3. Mizu _soft shell crab with spicy tofu sauce accompanied with salmon sashimi.20110602-02478

Next was the salmon and chicken teriyaki set, which I thought was quite a big portion for one person. Salmon was good if really fresh, and they serve a plump slice.

4. IMG-20110819-03712

If it is too “teriyaki”-ish, try the chicken and salmon set, with chicken katsu and two baked scallop.

11. IMG-20110920-04237
13. chicken and salmon set sakae 04236

Chicken katsu was served as a very thick slice. It is definitely sufficient for a person. But since it comes in a set, I can only say that it’s strictly for sharing only.

12.chicken katsu sakae 04238

All the set meals comes with rice, chawamushi and miso soup

5. miso and chawamushi

I also ordered some additional dishes. I ordered Inari oyster katsu which is, a breaded oysters, cheese and beancurd. It is not dry, and oyster on the inside is succulent and mellow flavor from the melted cheese gave a great aroma to the dish.

6.Inari oyster katsu_breaded oysters,cheese and beancurd.20110602-02477

The dish is served with dipping sauce and some fresh zucchini and green salad.

6.Inari oyster katsu_breaded oysters,cheese and beancurd.20110602-02475

Also, I like the Trio ebi maki. It is a sushi with snow crab stick and shrimp roe, with a tiger prawn on top. Somewhat similar to the California sushi, but the tiger prawn sort of gotten my attention when ordering from the menu.


Upon eating the prawn, I got my cravings all up for prawns. Hence the Ebi ten temaki, which was delicious with the seaweed.


Or try something simple like crab stick roll.


I love salmon so much I couldn’t resist ordering hana maki and the rich mayonnaise really compliments the very fresh salmon slice around the rice.

10.dec food 003

In sakae sushi, any salmon sushi is delicious if freshly made upon ordering. So avoid the plates on the belt and request for new ones.

11. sakae

Lastly, I had the Hotate mentaiyakiinstead of my usual kimuchi soup. This bake scallop with cheese and mayonnaise is really delicious because the scallops were sweet and both the cheese and mayonnaise gave lots of flavors to the scallop. Also, Tori Karaage is succulent and lightly crispy.


I visited the outlet in Subang Parade but there are many other outlets. Follow them on their facebook page for outlet locations and latest promotions at
Check out more photos and updates in Foodeverywhere’s facebook page at

Love, Sycookies

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  1. PepperBento says:


    Everything here looks amazing, though as a cook I can’t help also admiring the bowls and plates :).

    What a gorgeous spread!



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