Kopi Oh ! @ PJ

Enjoyable lifestyle becomes something everyone is pursuing and this applies to the coffee shops as well. Many old coffee shops got into the whole fusion trend and what used to be faces of older people sipping coffee and eating toasted kaya bread is now being replaced with faces of the younger generation. Some of these shops manage to deliver somewhat palatable standard while the rest fail to do so. So we kind of have a lot of these so called coffee shops selling quite some fusion dishes on their menu in order to catch up with the younger generation and their lifestyle. This shop located in PJ, called the Kopi Oh!, was not that impressive with their dishes. But I guess it is still a great hang out place because they open till late night. Plus, they have menu with rice, noodles, western, light bites, burgers and an array of beverages. I happen to be in the neighborhood with my friends while waiting for some other friend.
So we kind of decided to give it a try. I was quite impressed with their sausage mix. Sausages stir fried with some onions, egg, chili, and anchovies. It’s a great light snack over drinks and chat with friends. The price is a little over rated, but it wasn’t pricy. Rm 6.60 for about 2-3 sausages.

1 @ kopi oh!

The portion is fair too.

kopi oh
Then we ordered steam bread with half boiled egg (served in a bowl). To be honest, I kind of like cracking the egg myself. But I guess this would work for certain people as well. Note that this is not a set, but a separate dish in the menu.

2. @kopi oh! (1)

Like I mentioned earlier, there are main meals as well. I tried the Cantonese fried noodle and it was palatable even though it wasn’t impressive. For Rm 6.90 at the amount being served, I would say it is worth the price paid.

3@kopi oh!

Lastly, Kim Lee recommended the Uncle Peter Chicken Burger. I thought it wasn’t brilliant, but it was not bad, and cheap as well. It is selling at RM 5.50 each.

4@kopi oh! (3)

Lastly, for our beverages, we had the Jasmine tea + honey, milo ice, and the three layer tea

7tea n milo @ kopi oh!

This 3 layer tea is quite weird, not to mention how I think it’s dulcified. You’ll like it if you have a sweet tooth, but try not to remind yourself that it’s supposed to be a three layer tea.

7 t@ kopi oh

The bill comes up to Rm33.70 including tax so I wouldn’t say it is cheap. But certain food on the menu was pretty worth a try. More to the local cuisine.
Kopi Oh! is located at:
Lot 20,Ground Floor,
Jalan Tengah, PJ
(Next to Paparich)

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2 Responses to “Kopi Oh ! @ PJ”
  1. Kim Lee Leow says:

    this shop chap lup d..


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