Restaurant Satellite Ipoh Chicken Rice @ Jalan Gasing, PJ

My all time favourite chicken rice is definitely Melaka’s chicken rice ball. But when you don’t have any other choices, you kind of just settled with what’s around you. Some time last year, I tried the chicken rice at the Yat Yeh Hing Chicken rice shop published at and it didn’t quite fascinate me. So the famous chicken rice is the well known Ipoh chicken rice located at Jalan Gasing, PJ. After a few times visiting the restaurant, I realized that the standard of the food dropped so much lately. So recently I decided to try the next door chicken rice. And to my amazement, it was awesome. Not awesome like Melaka chicken rice, but more awesome than the rest around PJ.

@restaurant statellite jalan gasing

The rice was good, not to hard…and the chicken was tender and succulent. The sauce was amazing, a balance of salt and sugar. It wasn’t too sweet nor was it too salty. I love the chicken liver so much.

@restaurant statellite jalan gasing (1)

Chicken rice and bean sprout has always been the combination from how the Ipoh people have chicken rice. Apparently the Ipoh bean sprouts were fatter and shorter. Sweeter and juicier as well, so most Ipoh Chicken Rice shop claims that they serve Ipoh bean sprout. This one is not bad.

@restaurant statellite jalan gasing (2)

So next time you are in Jalan Gasing for chicken rice, how about giving the Satellite restaurant a try. You’ll be taken aback with how great it is.

Restaurant Satellite Ipoh Chicken Rice is located at :
103 Jalan Gasing 10/1,
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
03 – 7956 6830

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