Little Korea @ Sunway Metari

It’s been awhile since I posted anything on Korean food. This weekend had been a great one for me, for I meet up with some of my girlfriends and had Satay Celup in Melaka. While uploading those photos, I thought I should post up some Korean food I recently had in Sunway Mentari. When visiting a Korean restaurant, the aroma of barbecued meats and steaks often fill the entire restaurant. Instead of going for the rice and soups, we ended up not resisting the urge to order from the barbecue menu. And like most Korean restaurant, you must order min of 2 servings from the barbecue menu. So we had the marinated pork and pork belly slice.
We got the waiter to barbecue for us so we didn’t really have to do the whole barbecuing ourselves. Very quickly the meats are perfectly barbecued and cut to bite sized, and served on a late for us.
3.bbq (1)
I personally love the marinated pork and I love how it goes with fresh lettuce and raw garlic.
4.bbq (2)
Well don’t forget the sauce, yum….just the way I like it.
Also, they serve mayonnaise cheesy corn sizzled on a hot plate was like a treat for me. Not that it’s anyhow very impressive, but because I am such a big fan of corn. Sizzled with crabstick in cutlets, this dish was an ambrosial indulgence for me.
And like most Korean restaurant, the complimentary steam egg that goes with the barbecue menu is somewhat an essential while serving this. But to be very honest, I really don’t think much Malaysians actually appreciates the steam egg. Most just left it unfinished and I thought that was really wasteful. It is probably bland to their taste bud, but the best steam egg I had was served by barbecue specialist Mr Lim (posted at )
7.steam egg
Don’t worry about the egg being bland and insipid because we have something savoury as well. Fresh leaves accompanied by plum sauce and honey with sesame and chili, giving a sweet and tangy flavor.
8.vege (1)
Next we move on to the best part of the Korean cuisine, which is also everybody’s favourite, the refillable side dishes. Little Korea serves 12 side dishes and it weren’t any impressive ones but I really like the Kimchi. Because there were so many photos, I kind of compiled them into one and I am not going to go through each side dish because it’s similar to what was served in Mr Lim’s Restaurant. Refer to for the names. If you are looking for rare Korean side dish, do refer to for review on Kimchi Korean.
9.sides mentari
We did not forget the whole reason why we came; it was for the rice and the soups. We had the Sam Gye Tang, and my usual Kimchi Jiggae, which was palatable. The Sam Gye Tang on the other hand has got lots of room for improvement. I’m sure people won’t mind paying a bit more if they would have throw in a bit more ingredients.
10.sam gye tang-c
11. kimchi jigae
As for the rice, we had dolsot bibimbap which I love and here it also comes with soup. It wasn’t too spicy for me, but some of us thought it was fiery hot. Again, I probably have higher tolerant to spicy food.
12.bibimbab with soup
13.bibimbab with soup (1)
14.bibimbab with soup (2)
My sister was with me today, so we have to order her ‘must have’ hae mool pa jeon, all because she claims that mine suck, which I am not going to deny because I can never make a tasty pa jeon at home. Well, not just hae mool pa jeon, I also can’t even make a kimchi pa jeon. I thought it was a bit thick but with the sauce, it was quite an enjoyable light snack.
15.hae mool pa jeon (1)
We also have the cold noodle and I really like it. The next time I come back for lunch on a hot day, this is most likely going to be on top of the ordering list.
16.cold noodle
I have never fancy beverages other than tea or water, so I didn’t really bother getting any drinks other than honey lemon to sooth the throat a little for our next after dinner session. Yup, I was referring to the singing session in Karaoke. LOL.
16.2 IMG-20110730-03388
Finally, they serve dessert of papaya, watermelon and my favourite sik hye with ice. It was an amazing finishing to the whole heat from the barbecue and heavy spice soups and rice.
17.desserts and fruits @ mentari
Little Korea is located at 28, Jalan PJS 8/18, Dataran Mentari, 46150 Petaling Jaya.
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If you like you private little area, you can always ask for the private room, which we had and you get a nice space for yourself and your friends.
Check out more photos and updates in Foodeverywhere’s facebook page at

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  1. Everything looks so good! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Looking forward to reading your posts 🙂


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