Kinnaree Thai Restaurant @ Jaya One

Now this one has taken me a long time because all these Thai names are really confusing. But I’m going to try and make it real simple. The menu is very appealing and attractive, so I kind of overestimated myself a bit when I thought we could handle all these food. I had two more food experts with me, one of them kind of eats everything in a finicky manner where else the other is our fellow Thai friend.
For starters, we had the famous three Tom Yum soups. Tom yum is the traditional spicy and sour soup with herbs. So we had Tom Kha, Tom Yum Gung (prawn), and Tom Yum Talay (seafood). Tom kha is a spicy and sour soup with coconut milk and herbs.
1.Tom kha @ kinnare
Now check out the hu…ge…prawn.
2.tom yum kung @ kinnare
The essential element in any delicious meal is fresh ingredient. The seafood here is really fresh.
3. tom yum talay
We were recommended the Kai (chicken), which is the same version of our local pandan chicken. Only the chicken wrapped with pandan leaves here are huge tender pieces instead of bite size chicken. It’s a whole chicken tight.
4. kai @ kinnaree
We ordered the Broccoli with mushroom with scallop, which happens to be my Thai friend’s favourite. Fresh scallop with fantastic texture along with the sweet gravy is great combination.
5. Broccoli with mushroom with scallop @ kinnare
I like the Yam Hua Plee, a dish made of young banana flower salad with minced chicken, prawns, chili paste and coconut. Served with a dollop of cashew nuts on top and this is not a spicy dish despite the colour.
6. Yam hua plee
Then I order a platter with lots of things in it. And boy is this strictly for sharing. There is Yam Som O, (a spicy pamelo salad with minced chicken, prawns, chili paste and coconut), Yam Woon Sen (spicy clear noodle salad- spicy clear noodle salad with minced chicken, shallots and prawns) and Skewer of salmon, chicken, and prawn.
7. platter
It also comes with fried spring roll and saccharine dipping sauce. In fact almost each dish came with specific dipping sauces. So I had an enjoyable meal tasting each and every dish.
8. spring roll@ kinnare
But what I really like here is the skewer, each comprise of plump salmon, chicken and a succulent prawn. Comes with tangy dipping sauce, I like the aftertaste of salmon with the tangy sauce.
9. Skewer –salmon chicken prawn @ kinnaree
For meals, you can order Khao Suay, that is the premium fragrant rice. For those who must have rice every meal, it was perfect with the tom yum soup. Most dishes were amazingly exquisite if you know what to order. All those banana flower, pamelo, coconut, bamboo shoots and white radish julienne made great and unique dishes.
Yam hua plee@ kinnare
Lastly, with our Thai friend with us, a must have for her is the Tub Tim Krub, which is coconut water and chestnut with jackfruit in coconut milk and shredded ice. Compared to our previous experience published at, she likes this one better.
They were generous with the ingredient to ensure they deliver the best quality for this so the coconut milk and jackfruit were ample to satisfy your sweet tooth.
11.Tub tim krub@ kinnaree
If you prefer something lighter, how about going for their freshly squeezed fruit juices instead. We all had the watermelon juice.
12.water melon juice @ kinarre
I love the Kinnaree set dessert, which serves as assorted Kinnaree dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The desserts were golden banana steamed in honey syrup, chocolate spring rolls with ice cream, and few seasonal fruit. It wasn’t dulcified, and when served chilled, tasted refreshingly quenching. It was a pity we had it outdoor for we wanted a brighter surrounding for the photos. So the ice cream kind of melted a bit too quickly and I really don’t fancy melted ice cream.
13.Kinnaree set  @ kinnaree
Speaking of photos, take note the photos were not taken by me. If you’ve been following my published post, you’ll probably notice it. So the credits to the set of photos taken goes to Chin and Dino. Thank my fellow ‘makan’ mates and there’ll be more to come soon.

Kinaaree is located at:
12-1 Palm Square, Jaya One,
72A Jalan University,
46200 Petaling Jaya Selangor, Malaysia.
For reservations, call 03-7957 3910 or 017-247 0399.
Check out their website events and promotions. Follow them on Facebook at out more photos and updates in Foodeverywhere’s facebook page at

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  1. Alvin says:

    You should also include price for the dishes for reference.


    • sycookies says:

      Gasp…Alvin, u read my blog ……..rather touching….^^….lol..ya, apparently many ppl like seemg the price.I should probably include the pricing…thanks for reading…u such a time I take u wth me if there is invited write up k? Muax.


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