Noodle Shack @ Ikano Power Centre

When thinking about mee hoon kuih, I can only recall how I enjoyed ‘’Fatty mee hoon kuih” in Klang. Published at, this one got me thinking much about my mum and “fatty mee hoon kuih’’s mee hoon kuih. Except that this one has got some fancy creativity compared to the authentic style mee hoon kuih. Also, here in Noodle shack, it’s called Mian Fen Guo. We had Home-made coriander mian fen guo (soup) which obviously as predicted was topped with lots and lots of corianders.
2.home made coriander mian fen guo @ noodle shack
3.home made coriander mian fen guo @noodle shack
Those who don’t fancy coriander should stay away from this. Go for the Home-made spinach mian fen guo (soup) instead. Similar to the Home-made coriander mian fen guo (soup) it was really briny. The soup was clear but very salty. The brine soup masking the taste to both the fresh coriander and spinach was a flop to the noodle. But on the spinach noodle, was worst. I don’t taste spinach, but the noodle was still palatable. It comes with typical minced meat, mushrooms, black fungus, and fried anchovies.
4.home made spinach mian fen guo @noodle shack
5.home made spinach mian fen guo @ noodle shack
All was okay, but the texture wasn’t that much impressive. It was a bit too thick for mee hoon kuih instead of the perfect chewy thin pieces. Stuffed tofu in black bean sauce was an alright side dish. They don’t have many choices on the sides. It was mostly fish balls, and fish cakes dishes. Because I dislike the fish ball dishes, we had the stuffed tofu instead. It was interesting because the stuffed tofu (aka taufoopok) has got lots of space to absorb the sauces.
Also, the drinks and beverage choices were rather limited too. There is some special home-made herbal tea, and there were no jasmine tea, or any tea that I normally order. Plus, I am having my period so I wasn’t too keen with the herbal tea. Therefore, we ordered the bottled soya bean.
7.soya bean @ noodle shack
Also, not to forget the amazing chili sauce which is very appetizing and delicious when go with the mian fen guo.
The noodle shack is located at:
LG67, Lower Ground,
Ikano Power Centre
Tel: +603-77258384
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