Korean Street Cafe @ Subang Jaya

Pork is quite an important ingredient when it comes to Korean cusine, so what happens to halal Korean restaurants? KImchi stew? And all the BBQ? Well, how about no pork for BBQ, and replace pork with seafood? That’s whats happening in Korean street café. Apart from common Korean street snack, they mainly serve ‘on the go’ bentos. See their skewers and bento menus. But I wasn’t quite interested with those, because I practically could do that at home. Remember how I love the kimbab in Korean house, this one becomes horrible after having the one here.

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2 Responses to “Korean Street Cafe @ Subang Jaya”
  1. Lim Eunice says:

    Korean street indeed serve delectable food with good price, I dont mind going back but I hate the queue.. love their shrimp bibimbap!! have you try it?


  2. I've visited this restaurant once. If a Korea restaurant do not serve pork…its like something is missing there! That Kimchi Jigae, the soup taste not bad..but when I mixed it with the tuna…it tasted so wrong.. =_=


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