Foodeverywhere on Uniiverse

Being such a young and new blog, I must really admit that I’ve fallen in love with blogging and sharing thoughts on food on my blog, especially when Foodeverywhere came up as first runner up of the best blog award 2011 by the Uniiverse on Facebook.

To recall how it started with simple picture taking, thanks to my obsession and fascination towards great food presentations. Which later turns into admiration and eventually gotten me into appreciating the thoughts and effort that was put into preparation of food. And when this blog was submitted  as one of the entries to the best blog award 2011 by Uniiverse on Facebook, I got myself getting more of blogging knowledge which later took my passion in blogging to another level.  Thank you, Uniiverse for organizing such a great contest, and congratulation to winners of the contest. The contest showed me how food lovers on Foodeverywhere supported me with the votes, as well as giving me so much blogging techniques and suggestions. So much more rooms for improvements and I should really thank the organizer and fellow friends and followers on Facebook which voted for me. It was a great form of encouragement and I appreciate it. Hopefully next year would be an amazing one for everybody and perhaps more great food for all of us! Cheers~

Check out foodeverywhere facebook page for more photos and updates of foodeverywhere at


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