Chill out @ Frontera sol of mexico @ Jaya One

Jaya One is probably no longer any news to many people. The place is filled with people almost every other night, not to mention weekends and public holidays being mostly packed with more people till late night. Famous with lots of German restaurants and pubs, some which I’ve already published some post earlier. Recently, I went casual drinking, enjoying life as we should be doing, I came across this place and I thought it’s a great place to drink and chill out with friends if you wanna have a good talk. Most of the restaurant will have their kitchen close by the time it approaches midnight. But this place has got their desserts serving even thou the kitchen closes. They serve nice cake slices, which do a great companion to long talks and catching ups. Also, it’s probably one of the few restaurants and pubs here which have live bands performing on a mini podium. So this makes a great hang out and bands have got lots of interactions with the audience as well.




The cakes may not be fantastic, but as you can see they are lovely to be looked at. I ‘m going to be very honest with the cake so let’s not expect anything like the secret recipe, let alone anything better than secret recipe. So the correct description is probably not palatable. Cheap butter, lousy cream, and untempered chocolate.


4. frontera
I guess we cannot expect too much from one place alone. There is always the awesome feature and the downside of what it takes. At least the drinks are all cool. So go for the live music, and the drinks. The cakes as well, if you are really hungry or if you don’t trust me. LOL.


6. ice lemon tea jaya 736786336ae1
5. lipton jaya 7f9eb8e4
Frontera is located at Frontera Bar & Grill is located at 18-G-2, Block L, Jaya One, No 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 PJ . Website: Join them on facebook at
Find more foodeverywhere on facebook page at

4 Responses to “Chill out @ Frontera sol of mexico @ Jaya One”
  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the post.

    May I know when were the photos taken?

    Ramesh V
    Frontera Sol of Mexico


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