Marche @ The Curve

Experience an epicurean journey all the way inside this restaurant when you take a scroll from stalls to stalls. That’s right, stalls to stalls inside a restaurant. And better still featuring celebrity guest Vincent, from the Freeloaders Inc.


I didn’t manage to take too much pictures because photography weren’t allowed. In fact, I was sounded politely by staffs before I stopped taking any pictures there. So, I’m just going to post what I’ve got here with me and if anybody wants to see a bit more of what they serve, you might just have to make a trip there to see for yourself.

Upon being welcomed and entering the restaurant, the ambient and atmosphere quickly takes anyone to a French market place with so much display for food ingredient. So first of all, there are stalls with seafood, poultries, vegetables, fruits, and some herbs and plants for spices and seasoning. 






Each stalls would have menu written somewhere of to what they served. In another word, there is no menu on each table. You basically self serviced your meals from  the stalls, ordering your food at the respective stalls, while the stall’s staff (if that’s how we refer them as)would mark your orders on this little note belonging to each customers in the restaurant (given upon entering the restaurant). At the end of the meal, just hand this little note to the cashier at the exit point (kind of like the exit to this market place) and pay for the meal.

marche salmon grilledm03491_副本


Salmon was really fresh. However there were not much recipe involve in the process of preparing the food.  They serve a very basic grill with not much seasoning with very simple sides of corn and salad.  With such fresh salmon, there should be a greater creativity rather than grilling it alone.


marche pumpkin soup 03490

marche grilled chicken03492

Same goes with drinks and beverages. Visit the stalls you like, and place your order.




If you are worry that your seat maybe taken while you wait for your food, or while you are scrolling the ‘market’, need not worry because we can reserve our table.


So the next time you ever feel like visiting a market and dine in it, be sure to visit Marché Restaurant at Lot G87, Ground Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-7727 8461
Operating Hours: Daily (11am-11pm)

Check out their facebook at

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