O’ Viet Vietnamese Cuisine @ Sunway pyramid

Vietnamese cuisines are simply indulgences of palates teased with soupy elixirs and poultries. Upon dinning in O’viet, we embark on oriental odysseys with lots of raw ingredients. Mostly plants and beans, and they are to be eaten with noodles or rolls.

Here, the choices of Vietnamese food served are at a really wide range. Took me a long time to browse the menu and decide on what to order. Ten minutes later, we kind of made up our mind to have noodles. The appetizers are interesting so we ordered the Steamed wrapped rolls (banh cuon), which is a Vietnamese style ‘chee cheong fun’ wrapped with shrimps , chicken , and mushroom, served with bean sprout and fish sauce. Next is the Stuffed tomatoes, which is a Vietnamese version of French tomatoes forcies.
2.steamed wrapped rolls oviet
3.stuffed tomatoes oviet
The tomatoes were stuffed with savoury mixture of minced chicken and Chinese mushrooms and lightly pan fried. A great appetizer for its tangy sauce really got the saliva gland working.
4.stuffed tomato oviet
Then we had the special stir fried seafood noodles (pho sau hai san dac biet), which is in fact flat thin noodles fried with prawns ,fish fillet, cuttlefish and squid in light savory tomato sauce. It was nice and light because the noodles and ingredients were succulently fresh.
5. special stir fried seafood noodles (pho sau hai san dac biet)oviet
6.special stir fried seafood noodles (pho sau hai san dac biet oviet
If you like soupy meals, try traditional Vietnamese chicken and prawn noodles (pho ga tom). But honestly I wouldn’t order this here. This is somewhat ‘ipoh hor fun’ to me. And if we walk to any food court, a bowl of this is probably half the price of what we paid for here with the similar ingredients including the fresh prawns and chicken fillet in clear soup with rice noodles.
7. traditional chicken n prawn soup oviet
8.traditional Vietnamese chicken and prawn noodles (pho ga tom)
For some reason, the noodle didn’t quite fascinate me. Not even the special seafood soup noodles (pho hai san)- Fresh prawns, fish fillet, fried shrimp balls, squid and cuttlefish in mildly spicy soup.
9.speacial seafood soup noodles (pho hai san) oviet
10.speacial seafood soup noodles (pho hai san) oviet
11.speacial seafood soup noodles (pho hai san)oviet
So the noodles were rather bland. Contrary to the food, the beverages are rather interesting and very authentic yet accustomed to local delights at the same time. Certain ingredients are improvised to using local ingredients instead of Vietnam ingredients. One of which is the fair usage of gula Melaka in their desserts and drinks. The three colours delite is a beverage made from green grass jelly, cendol and red beans with gula Melaka and low fat cream topping.
12.Three colours delite-vietnam oviet
Although many descriptions come with local ingredients, there are authentic Vietnamese beverages still. The Vietnamese drip coffee is made with imported coffee from the largest coffee area in Vietnam. Using straight black coffee and sweetened condensed or fresh milk on the side, this is a special drip coffee with ice cream. Coffee lover whom are so used to the wide array of coffee beans may not find its aftertaste amusing.
15.special drip coffee with ice cream oviet
13.special drip 13.coffee with ice cream oviet,vietnamese drip coffee 03434
14.special drip coffee with ice cream oviet
Oviet is located in Sunway Pyramid – G1-45, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya.Look out for more food at foodeverywhere facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/foodeverywhere.sy

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  1. gsc says:

    very attractive,tempting indeed.. i have been to sunway pyramid several times. but i did not notice this restraunt. i will sure visit. must go with friends so we can try all the above.. aha ha


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