Capricciosa Pasta and Pizza @ Bandar Sunway

The number one Italian food craze founded and made famous in Shibuya, Tokyo since 1978 is here in Malaysia. Their selling point is the handmade. The secret of Capricciosa‘s popularity is in the hand-made special sauce created from imported Italian tomatoes. They specialize in pastas and pizzas and serves authentic Italian dishes in large portions. I visited the Sunway outlet and the dining ambient is wonderful but the food did not please my taste bud.


Started with clam chowder, I was a bit disappointed with the pepper dose which was so generously added into the soup. I basically didn’t taste anything but the peppery spice that burns all the way from my tongue, down through the esophagus, to my stomach.  Nevertheless, there wass a generous portion of clams in the soup. And not just any clams, but really fresh clams.

The pasta choices were really good.  They are all mouth watering choices, but I had my heart set on seafood, and I didn’t want to go for the usual salmon ( always salmon…). So I made a horrible choice of ordering the Fettuccine with fresh mussels and clams.  Think peppery clam stock with fettuccine which tasted no any different from the chowder soup. There is only one word after the whole burning sensation in my digestive track- “lots of pepper”.  Oh wait,..that’s three word.

Anyone with a heavier taste bud or liking to pepper would adore these two items. At least, I really do appreciate the texture of the pasta. It has great texture on the chew and not mushy or soft like most overcooked pastas.  This is still very subjective to our local preferences. Some of us like a smoother and softer texture while others like the harder chew.

Finally, something I enjoyed. The Bruchetta is amazingly topped with rich fresh tomato chunks. Ripen just nice, the tangy sensation on the crunchy toast was indeed appetizing.

There is a lot of order item I would like to try on my next visit, especially the creamy pastas and their pizzas. Freshly made upon ordering, and you can see them preparing it over their stove.  I like this a lot as they are so open with how they prepare the food.

I did not order any pizza despite it being one of the specialties here because I must warn the rest that the portions are relatively filling to most people. Every pasta serving is approximately 100g of pasta.  So if you are a small eater, then don’t forget to take several friends with you.  I didn’t go for any dessert for the pepper pretty much made my tongue numbed to everything else. I had to end the meal with my usual hot tea, this time Lipton the yellow label tea.

Capricciosa is located in Sunway pyramid, Pavillion, and Subang Parade. Call them at Sunway Pyramid: 03-7492 0513, Pavilion KL: 03-2141 0517, or Subang Parade: 03-5631 1569. Visit their website at or check them out on their facebook page at

Check out more photos on foodeverywhere facebook page at


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