Favourites in sakae sushi

 Japanese food is probably one of the few delicious healthy diets you can find. You know what they said about how the junk foods taste so good because they are bad for your health.  Good thing for the adaptation to Japanese food in Asia, we have so many Japanese food outlet and restaurants here. Some may already have fusion element to suit to local, nevertheless most are still very closely featuring Japanese cuisine culture. Sakae sushi is one of those which constantly come up with new and creative Japanese menus. There may not be very drastic changes on every menu, but they do come up with new stuff every now and then. I tried everything and finally came up with my own list of favorites which I thought is worth recommending for a try. And because the foods are selling so fast, the seafood is fresh and hopefully almost salmonella free? Well at least, it hasn’t given me any problems yet so far.

Inari oyster katsu

It is basically breaded oysters, cheese and beancurd. Very crispy on the outside, and smooth on the inside. Beancurd and cheese combines very well with the oyster. It goes with very well when dipped lightly into the sauce.

miso soup

Of course the miso soup is essentially the simplest Japanese soup everyone loves.  I really don’t think they are very generous with the tofu cube in it, but at its price this makes a good miso soup. If you are worry that the brine may be ajinomoto , need not worry because miso pastes are actually fermented beans.


 They have variety chawanmushi and so I ordered the Sakae chawanmushi with fin. Fin or no fin, either way for some reason, the eggs are smooth but lacks the a little on the taste. Probably because its a little too salty.

Kogane manryo
Kogane manryo are seasoned squid stuffed with smelt fish roe. This is an appetiser serve chilled. Squid texture is not hard, moderately chewy and the generous fish roe in it is so chruncy you anyone would love it. It looks fishy, but really, it is not at all. Infact, they are a little salty with fresh and natural sweetness.  

black sesame ice cream

Their appetisers are charming, but their desserts are attractive too. My personal and all time favourite, the black sesame ice cream. Not too sweet, slight bitterness from the black sesame. Dun expect awesome smoothness from the texture. After all, they are sakae sushi not sakae ice cream. So lets give and take a little.

Apple sorbet

Now the apple sorbet is one that is very mildly sweet and strong apple fragrant. Not a satisfying dessert if you like sweet and creamy for desserts. I personnaly like it alot thou.

Sakana yosenabe

This used to be their February specials. It takes a long time to cook the mushrooms, vegetables, salmon, fish, and tofu because we can hardly get the soup to come to boiling state. The good part about waiting here is the quality catch up time with your friends.  

chicken sukiyaki

If you are not a fish person, then we can go for the chicken sukiyaki. Call this the Japanese style steamboat. Except unlike the Chinese style soups, Japanese sukiyaki is very sweet.


Ika lobster fried maki

Another creative fusion from sakae sushi, the ika lobster fried maki. Ordinary fried maki, topped with ika lobster. Delicious but not recommended to be consumed in large volume. This was a little too oily for me.

Baked kimuchi scallop

Baked kimuchi scallop is a must try if you like scallops. Most of the time, they have fresh scallops. Depending on outlets, the more customers in that outlet would give you a higher chance of being served fresh scallops. There is mayo and cheese on the scallop if I’m not mistaken. Amazing combination. 

Geisha gozen

The ala cartes are good. But you must order anything with kimuchi soup in it. In this case, this time I‘ve ordered the geisha gozen. A little advice, this is strictly for sharing. A healthy and balanced set with rice, soup, chawanmush i, baby octopus, tempura vegetable, fresh salad, and scallop kimuchi soup. In the soup is chinese cabbage, scallops, tofu, shiitake mushroom, leek, japanese fish cake, enoki (those with tiny button-shapped caps and long spindly stems).

Advocado tofu salad

If you are watching your diet, there is always something for everyone here.  Fresh tofu and avocado salad comes with sesame dipping salad sauce. It is very appetizingly appealing with sprinkled roe on the salad and I must say, the salad is very refreshing.

Hotate mentaiyaki

Hotate mentaiyaki is similar to baked kimuchi scallop, but better for the scallops were entirely covered by the creamy mayo liked cheese resulting to scallop being so freshly sweet.

saba shioyaki

Saba shioyaki, aka the grilled fish is a must order for fish lovers. Not fishy at all, and its mildly salted while grilled to perfection. Fish is juicy on the inside and the skin is slightly grilled to crunch. There is no flavoring but it’s not dull at all. Squeeze a little lemon on it, and that brings out the freshness of the fish itself.

Yaki gyoza

The yaki gyoza is similar to Korean mandu, or the Chinese dumplings. Japanese style was served with dipping sauce and sometimes, depending on the outlet you visit, you get fresh cooked ones. This is important because the edges of the dumpling will not have hard texture from over time exposure to open air.

Trio ebi maki, Tiger prawn with snow crab stick shrimp roe

Trio ebi maki is a sushi with prawns as main ingredient. No biggie, but they’ve made it and it’s pretty appealing to prawn lovers.

Smoked salmon cheese maki

Raw salmon is probably one of the representing dishes in Japanese cuisine. I personally love it and at the same time adore avocado as well. However, I can’t comprehend with the cheese in it. Somehow takes away the salmon even thou in this dish, the salmon was smoked. So I guess cheese lovers would like this.

Spicy kimuchi hotate nabe

Ala carte kimuchi hotate nabe is exactly the same soup served in the geisha gozen set. Probably because it is really close to kimchi soup, I really adore this amongst all other soups serve in the restaurant. Despite how I recommend the kimuchi soup, kimuchi mushroom tofu is a total failure. It’s very creative of them to attempt this, but the tofu in the soup is agedashi tofu. Because it was fried before soaking in the soup, it results in the soup being really oily.

xmas wonder tree

Lastly, this is what you can order only during Xmas.  The tree was made out of potato salad. So we don’t actually have to wait till Xmas! Just order the potato salad.

Check out Sakae Sushi outlets at their facebook, : http://www.facebook.com/#!/sakaesushi


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