Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House

After a good 50 minutes on some stranger’s table, my bowl of Mee Hoon Kuih (aka pan mee) finally arrived. Upon the first sip of the soup, an instant epicurean memory of mother’s Mee Hoon Kuih. The feeling was indescribable and unprecedented. Home cook food is probably by far the best everyone and anyone could have tasted in their entire life. With the first bite, I can honestly say that this somewhat really reminds me of my mother’s cooking.


The long waiting time was worth it. Even though, I did help myself with the conversation on the table. The shop is really packed when I got there. Many have to line up, just to get a seat. And no one really mind sharing tables with strangers. It could be the location, which is strategically near a school. This means avoiding lunch hour if possible for there will be lots of students or parents taking away after picking up their kids from school. Another reason having so many customers could be the reasonable price.

For a plain bowl of Mee Hoon Kuih, ingredients are pretty simple and hence almost challenging to have a chewy texture apart from being doughy. Also, the dough was handmade and the owner practically assigns several workers to tear and pinched the dough into the cooking pot. Having done that, each bowl was made individually.

Other than that, we can also add on more ingredients to our liking into the Mee Hoon Kuih. Choices of egg, fried anchovies, vegetable, minced pork, pork liver, or the pork meatball.

There is one little interesting taking away option here for the customers. They can either pack home as any usual mee hoon kuih, or getting the raw ingredients and then pinch and tear when ready to cook it. The raw ingredients would be some raw meat, vegetable and the flour dough itself. I was kind off in shock when I saw that. Honestly it was the first time seeing people buying the ingredients instead of just taking it away. I must say, it was an eye opener for me. The meal was fantastic, except the waiting for a bowl of mee hoon kuih was a little annoyingly slow. I’ll make sure I bring a book with me the next time I visit the shop.

 Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih is located in Klang and they open till late night.

    19, Lebuh Bangau,

    Taman Berkeley,

    41150 Klang, Selangor.

    Tel: 012-3366183

2 Responses to “Fatty Mee Hoon Kuih House”
  1. chin says:

    it is a good share..one of my favourite too…


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