Delicious is already point blank as its own definition. I really like the food here and the wide range of dessert choices never once fail me. The service however is something we all would be amaze with. Regardless of how tantalizing the menu is, I refuse to dine in this place for whatever reason it is anymore. Nevertheless, let us concentrate on the menu and the gorgeous meal. Not forgetting our guest of the day, Kim Lee- a protégé of Malaysia Institute of Bakery.

If you have been reading my previous post, you would have very well guessed correctly with the choice of my appetizers-soup. Amongst the many type of soups in the menu, I choose the French Onion Soup. The fascinating serving was engagingly charming. Baked cheese topping the soup gives satisfaction on the predilection of cheesy dishes. The French onion soups are an acquired taste for most people, but what was served here in Delicious gets us having a penchant for French onion soup.


Having trying so hard to avoid criticizing the services here, chicken tender saves the frustration while waiting for our food, or while trying to get the waiter/waitresses’ attention.

If you have children, I recommend the mash potato. Served with gravy by the side, this makes a great appetizer for kids, at least while waiting for the food. Gravy may come as a little brine, but the mashed potato was indeed delicious.

Moving on to the mains, Delicious serves a range of fusion to accustom to the local taste.  I really like the exquisite choices in the menu and I ordered two from the Asian category.The Hainanese Chicken Chop dosed with hearty tomato sauce and Thai Style Steam Sea Bass served with white rice.  The chicken chop was not any interesting thou the sauce really spice up this dish. The fish on the other hand was amazingly tantalizing and slightly spicy. Appetizingly refreshing and sweet, the soup was an amazing combination with the fish.


Another main is the Tunisian Eggplant& Roasted Tomato Spaghetti. Slightly spicy and it has a perfect texture for both the pasta and the eggplant.

As for the smoked salmon angel hair, the portion was not very generously served. This was tossed in cream, served with caviar and parsley. Thus intriguingly luscious in cream making it impossible to consume more than what was served on the plate.

If you dislike pasta with creamy sauce, there is Aglio Olio Spaghetti suited for those disliking sauce with pasta.

Highlight of the meal was the burger. The Grilled Chicken Burger with turkey bacon, ranch dressing and a side of fries. Depending on your luck I guess, chicken may not always be succulent and tender. If it’s over grilled, you may get a hard and dried chicken slice. And that would really suck. But the salad was amazingly refreshing, and the turkey bacon was delightfully chrunchy.

For desserts, there are too many choices in the menu. We had a hard time deciding what to order. Being great at baking herself, Kim Lee’s favourite cake here is the Chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. According to her, chocolate cakes and brownies are simply basic and ordinarily served in most restaurants. Best choice as a benchmark to determine baker’s capability.


Myself I like the Macadamia cheesecake topped with crunchy macadamia nuts. Double thumbs up! It would make perfect tea snack as it goes perfectly with hot English tea. Finally, the Classic vanilla cupcake with strawberry filling  and Applelicious pie with vanilla ice cream which is nothing interesting or unique. And trust me, there is nothing applelicious with the pie…

Delicious is located in MidValleyMegamall, MidValleyCity, Lingkaran Syed Putra,Kuala Lumpur. Check them out at for updates and promotions.

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  1. chin says:

    sweets sweets.. looking foward for more sweets please…


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