Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

Yogurt has been well known for its natural goodness and a whole lots of health benefits. Live and active culture provides good bacteria that improves digestive system. The words “Live Active Culture” refer to the living organism Streptococcus, Thermophilus, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus which convert pasteurized milk to yogurt fermentation. Now, instead of yogurt and yogurt drinks, there is frozen yogurt! Which I love ~… Moo Cow sells frozen yogurt of several varieties of flavours, including a weird and daring attempt of ice kacang flavour.

Like baskin robins, you can ask for a trial on the flavours before deciding. And they are generous with the trial portions. I like the original, going with pumpkin seeds, prunes, and cornflakes. Unlike other frozen yogurts, the toppings are really healthy. From choices of oats, sunflower seeds, raisins, prunes, cornflakes, pumpkin seeds and nuts. You probably think its no fun and dull, but it turns out to be surprisingly delightful.

So the next time there is crave for ice cream, and if you are watching your health (and for the ladies, weight and figure), how about just switch the ice cream with all natural goodness of frozen yogurt. Don’t forget to check out their cute T-shirts moo! opps..did I just ”moo-ed”. I mean..don’t forget to check out their cute T-shirts too..

Moo Cow is currently growing and available in malls. Check them out for rewards and interesting flavours at their facebook.

One Response to “Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt”
  1. chin says:

    anytime its a nice place to hang out.. healthy snacks… indeed cornflakes works.. haha,,


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