I Love Yoo!

Food has becoming more commercialize each day as compared to years back. Who would have thought that we can one day have you tiao in malls and shops. I mean, these are all street food aren’t they?


For a reasonable price of rm 4 per set, and set comprise of a you tiao and either porridge or soya bean, I would say the deal is rather reasonable given the privilege of indoor and car park facilities. This is definitely sublime concept, which is really brilliant.

There is some variety of porridge served, dried scallop porridge and dried oyster and peanuts porridge. I was raise by a wonderful cook and I have always liked my porridge to have no pepper or onion sprinkled on it. Guess I only found out after I ordered it. So, to anyone disliking that, make sure the staffs were informed about it.

Apart from that, they also have sesame roll and sesame ball with red bean paste. Along with a whole lot of others you normally find in a youtiao stall.

But take it easy when ordering. Don’t want to end up with food wastage because the portion is just nice for personal consumption. I got a little exicted with it and kind of ordered a little more, shame on me.

It is great to have this in malls, now we can all fulfill or cravings whenever it is. As long as it is within the mall operating time. And the best part, they never ran out of the variety. And if you want to know if there is ammonia in it. The answer is yes. It is hard to find youtiao without ammonia nowadays. But, not to worry, I’ll be keeping my eye open and it will be here first thing if I disover it.  Cheers.

This modern traditional fusion is available nationwide in most malls. Click http://iloveyoo.com.my/en/#/OUR-OUTLETS-03-00/ for location.


2 Responses to “I Love Yoo!”
  1. Kim Lee Leow says:

    I spent my last 45 mins reading ur blog entries. Very well written!! Im sooo hungry now..


  2. chin says:

    i just love the porridge and soya bean milk.. delicious….


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