Chinoz on the park, KLCC

This is a great and peaceful place to dine. With the overwhelming service from their staffs, I must say I really enjoy Chinoz smoked salmon makimono. Delightfully presented, the portion was somewhat generous too.

This would be a nice place if you really like good food. Not so much for couples, as the portion is yet again generous. Small families will find this a great restaurant to spend some quality time together. Chinoz bread got me mesmerized upon first bite. I love it since then. It is beyond divine and if you ask me, I cannot wait to go back again for it.

My cravings for soup often left me no choice to order one from the menu anywhere I go. Same thing, here I ordered the Chinoz mushroom soup. There is nothing great about it. Nevertheless it satisfies me as long as it fulfills my craving for that day.

Also, being a seafood lover my friend and I cannot resist myself from ordering Fetucinee Marinara. The seafood was yummy, and I am pretty sure the opulent pesto was freshly made with no addition of cream. Or if there is, probably very little for it is a little too acerbic if you ask me.

Although the portions are substantial, we simply cant help ourselves from wanting more from the chef. And we really cannot eat anymore at this point. So we decided to go for bites, something light. We land ourselves with Turkey ham and pineapple pizza. As you can see, we didn’t get one that is nicely baked. The crust was burnt a little. I should probably go for Marcos next time we decided to have pizzas as bites.

Lastly, do not forget to pamper yourself with some of their house wines. They were reasonably priced and were great company to the meal.

Chinoz on the Park is located in Suria KLCC on Ground Floor G47.

Tel: 03-2166 8277



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Love, sycookies




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