Good Evening Bangkok

กรุงเทพฯตอนเย็นดี……Too much Thai restaurant claiming authenticity on their menu. Good evening Bangkok is nonetheless one of the many. When visiting the restaurant, I decided to invite a Thai friend along. According to her, dishes here was not great, raather palatable.


We really look forward to the tom yum soup for she has been claiming that Malaysia lack lots of chili and spices in their soup. True indeed, the soup we ordered burns my throat as it travels down my oesophagus. Malaysian style tom yum lack a little of that sensation. Nothing from when it’s in the mouth, but as it travels down your stomach, you feel the burning sensation.

There is a fair ingredient inside the soup. Prawns, fish, squids and mushrooms. To my disappointment, lack freshness. The squids and fish may not be too obvious to consumers but prawns are obviously soft . But I have to say, the soup was really rich in milk. Creamyly spicy. Lots of serai giving lovely fragrant. They were finely chopped, I suppose to increase surface area to mass ratio. Hence, it’s quite annoying to some point when drinking the soup with finely chopped substances in it.

When ordering, almost 70% of dishes on the menu were hot and spicy. So we figured that we should order at least one dish that is not spicy. Therefore, we ordered sweet and sour chicken in yam basket. I supposed the chicken were not freshly made upon ordering, but prior to that. It was coated with flour, thick coating of flour and that really gives a hard texture to the chicken. The sweet and sour sauce was delightfully rich with lots of chopped garlic. There is capsicum, carrots, baby corn, green pea,cashew nut and grapes. Yes, grapes in sweet and sour chicken. Rather peculiar combination, but the tangy combination with the sweet and sour gravy is amazing. It was a pity that their chicken was coated with thick flour. Gives a bad texture to the chicken.


Next is the fish. We ordered a chef recommended dish, the pla gao sam rod. That is a deep fried garoupa with Thai three flavours sauce in English. The sauce is indeed savoury. Fish is very fresh. However, to my disappointment the deep fried took a little longer than required. Resulting in, a very dry texture of the fish. After a about a quarter serving, I got a little tired having to chew so hard on the fish. I guess they tried a bit too hard making the fish crispy. Or maybe they coat it a little too much with flour.


Finally, the best part of every meal- dessert. All time Thai favourite, the water chestnut in coconut. Chestnut coated with colouring flour, with nangka strips in coconut and ice. Chestnut was chilled before serving. Chilled and scrumptious with mild natural sweetness from chestnut alongside nangka makes this dessert delightfully appetizing.

Lastly, not forgetting the beverages. They serve a wide range of beverage, nothing out of the extraordinary. But as always, jasmine green tea…my favourite.  

Almo tags along too..



Overall, this is a nice place to dine. And make sure you like spicy and tangy food.

Good EveningBangkok, managed by Siverwell Sdn Bhd is located at

Lot G343A, Ground Floor, 1 Utama shopping centre 47800,Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-77278708

Fax: 03-77278710

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