Profiteroles @ Solaris Dutamas

Profiteroles is a cozy dinning café with mainly Japanese dishes. Located on the first floor in solaris dutamas, it maybe somewhat rather dead. The food are not awesome, but rather palatable. Not so much to my liking. But I definitely won’t mind returning to this place again just to chill and hang out.

They have a couple of sides which I won’t say it is very interesting but rather reasonably priced. In fact, I think they are very reasonably priced with the portions and quality. I tired few main courses, some sides, some beverages, and my all time favourite, desserts and cake. For the main courses, there are currently set lunch promotions, where they give free flow green tea. Let’s start with the chicken katsu set. Just to be on the safe side, as anything that is to be deep fried can’t really go wrong.

chicken katsu set -comes with miso soup,salad,chawanmushi, and fruitsreasonable portion

True enough, nothing went wrong with the chicken. As a matter of fact, they are deliciously affordable at just the price of Rm 14.90. Deep fried tender chicken encrusted with crumbs. It may look small, but I see it as a good thing because then it allows you to get some sides which I strongly recommend the pregnant fish,  shishamo karaage.  


Like I mentioned, nothing so interesting here as this can easily be ordered from the LCD screen in any sakae outlet. But trust me, this is so much better compared to that. In fact, this one makes that one in sakae looks pathetic. Probably because, it was very fresh when I had it. Which again, wouldn’t have make much sense as this little shop here wouldn’t have possibly serve this as much as a chain restaurant. Then why do profiteroles possibly have a greater standard in terms of freshness? If you are a fish person, then you must order this when dining here. Fish lovers must also try the Saba Shio set.


Skin is slightly salted on the outside and meat is so soft and juicy on the inside. The crusted skin delightedly combined so well with the texture of the skin. The chef must be very experience to be able to control the fire and timing to perfection. Talking about perfection, they also serve perfect fine fragrant Japanese white rice. I must say, they could have just replaced it with normal rice to lower their cost. Nevertheless, maintaining the standard and quality is never a bad thing in F&B industry.

Think Japanese food….think salmon….

Sake Miso set here is amazing as well. The set is pretty common but the salmon is amazingly fresh. And cooked to just the perfect texture. I would say all fish dishes here that was ordered is describe as luscious. Not dried, and it is almost close to perfection if it weren’t because of the heavy dosage of Sodium Chloride. As a matter of fact I really think they should just go easy a bit with the salt. Almost all dishes are rather salty. Especially the ramen, which would have no need to go with the soup. Because the noodles itself is briny. The salt was overpowering the taste of the soup.


Let’s not forget common Japanese appetizer, edamame. And once again, it is fresh but would have been delightedly mellow if it weren’t over salted.

Even the chawamushi was very appetizing thanks to the amount of salt. On the first few spoons, it was somewhat addictive. Close to two third of the consumption, I find the steam egg rather briny.

Eventually, we will move on to the best part of a meal- the dessert. As I have mentioned there is a wide variety of dessert here. Rather odd that non has got any element of Japanese cuisine in it. Apparently the specialty of this café is their macarons. As cited in wikipedia, according to Larousse Gastronomique, the macaron as being created in 1791 in a convent near Cormery, and some have traced its French debut back to the arrival of Catherine de’ Medici’s Italian pastry chefs whom she brought with her in 1533 upon marrying Henry II of France. Whatever it is, we know for sure its not Japanese. Although, they seemed to have pull it off rather okay. There was sakura and green tea flavour. A bit pricy, and not so popular among the crowd in Dutamas probably because the area is still rather new. This probably contributes to their macarons not being able to be served fresh.


 Not to worry if it’s dulcified, because they serve great combination of beverages to go with it. Tea would be a good choice. I would definately return for the macarons.




A3-01-07 Solaris Dutamas,

No. 1, Jln Dutamas 1,

50480Kuala Lumpur


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3 Responses to “Profiteroles @ Solaris Dutamas”
  1. gsc says:

    saba shio indeed is good…..dont really a fish person,but i’ve tried. its good! subscribe?! sure will..


  2. gsc says:

    take me with you where ever you go.. yummy…


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