Frames Cafe

Frames Cafe, probably one of the best place for good food and chilling out with friends if you are looking for a place to enjoy yourself whilst pampering yourself with awesome food. One of my all time favourite, I am dying to share with readers. Here, I’m posting up some of my favourite from the menu, starting with the appetizers. They used to have broccoli soup, which is pretty exotic for appetizers. Sadly, they don’t serve that anymore. Apart from that, I always like their mushroom soup. Despite being a common appetizer, the mushroom soup in Frames is irresistibly delectable. It is not gooey like most mushroom soup, rather briny for some of my friends and very sapid with variety of wild mushroom.



A toothsome appetizer for me.





The sides are also amazingly tempting and delicious. Sautéed mushroom has been getting lots of positive reviews from my friends. I personally like it too.


There is a wide variety of flavorsome choice of pastas here in frames. I personally like the spicy seafood carbonara very much. Think creamy sauce based on eggs, cheese, chili flakes with succulent seafood to go with spaghetti. I would say it’s an ambrosia meal, except one must not have too high expectations on the prawns. Let alone to compare them with Bubba Gump. You may or may not have very fresh prawns all the time. But rest assure, the mussels always enlightens one’s gustatory sensations.


It is zesty, every time I eat this but I also like the marinara seafood pasta a lot.

If you are lucky, this will be fantastic provided the shrimps are fresh. But who could judge, shrimps aren’t the speciality .


I guess you can also always request for the desired texture of pasta. I like it moderately hard and not too soft. If you like soft, overcooked pasta then you can always ask for it. The service in this place is always very welcoming. And don’t forget they have vegetarian pasta as well as vegetarian pizza too.


Fellow vegetarian, you guys are going to be so happy with the pasta. A friend, who eats like me, amazingly finishes all that’s in the plate. (yes Ursurla, i’m talking about you…) Got my pupil dilated a bit. I was a little worry there is nothing for her in Frames as she is the only vegetarian, but I am very glad she like it.

I really like the sandwich here and I am warning everyone, this is strictly for sharing. The lush serving is never an awesome thing for me. And this can be rather torturous sometimes…who am I going to share this generous portions with when I’m craving for them??!!! @*!$!^%….. I really like their grilled prawn sandwhich serve with wholemeal bread. The sauce in it is heavenly. Not to mention their bold attempt of mango with tuna sandwich. Which I think is scrumptious. Not that appealing, but trust me that it is worth a try. Tangy mango with luscious tuna is toothsome combination if you ask me.


Another great thing here in this restaurant is their steak. Nutty chicken is divine. Grilled chicken fillet served on mashed potato with tangy fruit gravy. Accompanied by stirred capsicum, the gravy blends so well with the mash potato.

 However, many friends of mine often criticize the mash potato being dull and tasteless. It really depends on individual. Take note how the presentation varies all the time…They surprises me everytime I order this. I guess it depends on the mood of their chef…

 Fish lovers like me is goiong to be happy with their fish dishes here. Salmon crust….how should I say this…it is awesome. Finished with the mesmorising sides, this can never be anymore perfect. But I really hope it is extra virgin olive oil that they use….


Grilled saba blends perfectly with tangy mango sides and mash potato. And for those that is conservative on innovative dishes, there is always classic fish and chips. Come on, what can go wrong with fish and chips. No wait….sometimes they suck too…But hey this one is good. The amount of chips in this, is beyond satisfaction.

Here in Frames Cafe, there is always something you can find in the menu for everyone. For those that are conscious with their diet, the salad is fresh and succulent. Personal favourite is caeser salad. If you like the salad with pretty finishing, don’t forget to ask for salad with a touch from Mark. Note to girls: Mark is very cute as well.


Caesar salad on the right is one served by Mark. Guess the hunk fairy did a little more to Mark rather than just the charm alone. Please leave comment if anyone has seen Caesar salad which is anymore well presented than this.

Let’s also not forget their burgers. Definitely scrumptious and generously serve for sharing. I’m recommending the beef and fish burger. Girls probably like the fish burger and the guys would probably go for beef or chicken.

For dessert and after meal, try a slice of chocolate mousse or a pot of fruit tea. Don’t think its any instant fruit tea you’ll get. This one is boiled with fresh fruit. A must try. Don’t forget to order date pudding. It’s beyond awesome. Very sapid and you definitely can’t stop after the first bite. I know I didn’t. Lol..*embarrassed*


Oh if you are wondering if there is any Asian dishes, there is a couple. I’m not so much a fan of Asian menu, but the fried rice is probably the only one I can recall. However, I hear the new menu is on the way and their Asian dishes would be overwhelming.

There is shrimp and some roasted nuts,but I personally didn’t quite like the peanut combination to fried rice. Somewhat taste like the rice is under cooked.  It is rather subjective I guess.

Having called the Frames Cafe, the place has got nice photos framed up all over. Photographers should really drop by as you’ll enjoy great food and beautiful photos framed and displayed all over the place in the restaurant. Apparently they are for sale as well. A great place for good food, relax and if you are looking for inspiration, or space for frustration. How do I describe this place? Dulcet.

Click menu to see full description for all dishes.

Frames is located in Sunway Pyramid old wing, just right next to the sphinx. Check them out at Check out their new menu in progress.

Lot OB.K4N, Oasis Boulevard
Sunway Pyramid
3 Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
Telephone: 03 5631 9989

Fax: 03 5631 9986


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