Woo lim jeong Korean Restaurant

Most Korean restaurant offers somewhat similar menu. However, this one happens to have more exotic dishes compared to most of what I have tried. The sides are considerably by far tastier too, compared to most that I’ve tried.  


There are about 8 of them. And they serve nice sauce to go with most of the dishes. All are delectable.


Next, lets pay a little attention to their kimchi.

What is Korean restaurant without kimchi? And being playing such crucial role, sadly there was no ‘wow’ factor in the kimchi served in this restaurant. It was rather disappointing. Nevertheless, the BBQ choices aren’t that bad. This visit, we ordered squid and samgyeopsal (pork) BBQ.


The squid was nicely BBQ-ed to perfection but the sliced pork was somewhat over grilled. Losses all its succulent and tender texture of pork meat. Oh I think the best way to describe the texture is like over cooked “bak gua”. I think this perfectly describes the texture of the pork. Thus, a little advice here…..always remind the waiter to not over cook your meat. Same like most Korean restaurants in town, BBQ dishes have a minimum order required. Which honestly is something I dislike. So I would really suggest a big crowd because the portion was enormous.  But, there are no steam egg served with the BBQ orders. It’s probably not favourable among the locals.
We also had my favorite beans sprout soup and the soup was boiled to perfection. Even that is huge in portion. Served with steam white rice,I must honestly say that this is strictly for sharing. The place is so-so but parking is pretty convenient on a weekday. I reckon weekends would be hell so have more patience.

Woo lim jeong restaurant
8-1(1st floor) japan 25/70A, desa Sri hartamas


2 Responses to “Woo lim jeong Korean Restaurant”
  1. jfch66 says:

    i think i will go check it out


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