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Think Belgium food and he first that comes in mind is probably potatoes. In actual fact, traditional favorites also include mussels, meatballs, and sweet treats like waffles. Most main courses are perfect with beer and famous beers don’t stray far off from hoegaarden, leffe and Stella Artois.

If it’s for a drink, this is a rather nice place. Would be a little noisy for romantic dates, but if your date is a fan of pork, then the music and noise would probably be insignificant. To balance the ‘pork’ diet this meal, I ordered Brussels’s summer fruit salad which comprised assorted lettuce drizzled Italian sauce. There is watermelon which I find it weird going along with olive. And green apple that was strangely appealing with feta cheese. All I can say is, the name itself describes the salad. Refreshing and appetizing.

For main course, I ordered Brussels’s style pork knuckle which I strongly recommend. Best word to describe is heavenly. But if you are the type that loves pork for those succulent fats please order anything with pork belly. Their pork belly in general is like 50%fat and 50% meat.

However, if you like pork in general but dislike the fats, please order pork knuckle. Awesomely roasted to crisp, and served with sauté potatoes and mushroom in brown sauce, this sinful dish drives you wanting for more after the first bite.

There are other choices like burgers and pies, seafood and chicken. The pork bacon cheese burger was simply a divine. I have never had burger this awesome in my entire life. That’s how good it is. Well the fact that there isn’t much pork burgers served everywhere. Brussels gets the gold medal in this. Not to mention the big portion. The captain came and reconfirmed with us. And she said ” your orders maybe too much cause the portions are rather big. Perhaps you wanna cancel some?”.

This pork burger is just toothsome

I never had the opportunity to order any of my favorite seafood but I did tried the creamy chicken and mushroom toast. Which is unique for you won’t easily get the same thing everywhere else. But if you leave it too long, the toast gets soggy from the cream.

Apart from that, there is a variety of beer food to choose from. I ordered caramelized pork belly as well as the beer food platter.

The first was delicious but the latter is somewhat just ordinary. And if I may say so, its overpriced.


Meatball was braised with mix onions and herbs. I don’t even want another bite after the first. Let alone a whole ball. Fries is pretty ordinary .The bacon wrapping the cherries is really a bit too fat. Like 70% fat? Mouth is filled with oil when chewed, and combined with the cherry tomato… It’s just weird. ….nothing on this plate appeals to me.                                        

Good thing the caramel coating roast pork was much more acceptable because the sweet coat hinders the fats from the pork. Kinda reminds me of homecook Chinese style. Couldn’t really recall the dish but you’ll definitely bring back memory of this particular dish when you taste it. The difference is, that it is pork belly coated honey instead of roasted pork belly coated caramel. Guess that is why this one here in brussels is a bit more attractive.

Lastly, don’t forget the famous waffle which I kind off regret ordering. All I can say is, go for A&W waffle. Enough said. Lol..

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  1. sycookies says:

    Brussels beer cafe is available at four locations; Jaya one, Hup seng, Ampang, and Solaris Mont kiara. For more information, log on to


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