Nyonya Colours, authentic nyonya delicacy

Always wanted authentic nyonya food for tea break, but dislike outdoor and hawker stalls…..then nyonya colours probably solve this as they have almost all nyonya kuih you could crave for light meals. For this post, we are looking at my favourite mee siam packet pricing at Rm 2.50. Reasonable for this tiny packet and very suitable for small eaters. It look pretty ordinarily wrapped in banana leave, but as you open it (they will heat before serving) the fragrant and aroma of the mee hoon is simply mesmerizing.

Thick serai and other rempah filled this tiny packet of simple mee hoon. Simply amazing. Would be nice if serve with lots of sambal.

Then we have the cucuk udang and cokodok pisang at Rm 2 and Rm 1.20 each. This is not worth the price and I may say this, it’s quite a disappointment. But I guess you can’t complain much cause you can comfortably get this in a mall.

For light but solid choices, try ordering the porridge. The porridge is simply amazing except the sesame oil and pepper which I personally dislike. Kinda hinders the taste of dried scallop and oyster in the porridge.


If ordering something filling and heavy, try the yellow laksa priced at Rm 8.90. Big pieces of chickens with some potato and radish, this is a must order.


Something I always like from Malay authentic bites are the roti jala and curry chicken. The curry here was awesome. Lots of santan, generous vegetable with lots of milk as well. It was a pity that they have to reheat when you order cause that hardens the “jala”.

Roti jala with curry chicken Rm 8.90 per set

For sweet tooths, please order the thong sui. Each day has a selected choice, and today is kacang hijau thong sui. Rich and  thick and its sweetness blends well with the sweet potato in it. Not too bad.

Kacang hijau thong shui Rm 3.50

Lastly its the bandung priced at Rm 2.90….well I can only say…just go to a mamak.

In general, almost everything is flavorsome. I don’t mind returning for more curry.

Located at empire subang jaya, lg 29 ground floor jalan ss16/1,47500 subang jaya.


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