Restaurant Korean House



The best way to kick-start this blog is my all time favourite Korean cuisine. Korean BBQ is pretty common in most Korean restaurant and is very subjective to each individual. I highly recommend their dishes and take note, lunch hours are really worth it. Somewhat pack as it is located near the hospital and around school and colleges.


I am no expert in food nor am I a food critic, but I do know that price and quality is somewhat similar amongst most Korean restaurants in town. I personally prefer the choices of side dishes in each restaurant. As for this one, the side dishes are pretty common (similar to most Korean restaurant).

But I do want to highlight one particular dish that is not available elsewhere. A common home made dish in Korea called the kimbab. Kimbab is a simple home made dish made of rice, and generally ham, tuna, cucumber, pickled radish, all wrapped like sushi in seaweed. Somewhat like the Japanese California wrap. Perhaps its so common, most Korean restaurant doesn’t have it. (pst….mont kiara plaza market on Thursdays have one particular stall that sells it)

 Chicken teriyaki rice set (comes with seaweed soup)

For a set meal that comes with soup, this is very reasonably priced. However, this one doesn’t have so much of a Korean touch. Seemed pretty common.  We can probably find this elsewhere in any foodcourt (asia cafe would most likely have something similar).

A signature dish in almost all Korean restaurants- kimchi jigae (kimchi stew), served with steam white rice

There are very generous chunk of fresh tuna and kimchi. Also, if you like spicy food, this one is just nice. Thick and moderately spiced with lots of garlic and chili, soft tofu and tuna chunk blends perfectly well together. Portion is pretty generous and its not over priced .

Let’s not forget another signature in Korean cuisine- the pancake (comes with dipping sauce)

This time around, I ordered the seafood pancake. I was ‘wow’ed away by the generous ingredients in the pancake. The restaurant is not stingy with its ingredient. As seen in the photo, prawns and squids are countless. Each bite is full of seafood and the pancake is thick to my personal preference. Unlike other restaurants, they serve with dipping sauce (blend of light soy sauce, sesame, fish sauce, onion, etc) and the combination is simply amazing. Worth what you are paying for. So don’t forget to order this when you are at the restaurant.

Like most Korean restaurants, there is also free flow of green tea. The restaurant has a singing room aka karaoke. Don’t expect anything like neway or redbox. The so called singing room ( literal translate from korean) is just a room with a TV in it. Its always occupied thou, so….you might want to give a call if you want to dine in the room.

No. 3A, 1st floor

Jln SS15/5A,

Subang Jaya, Selangor 47500

(same row with Rakuzen japanese restaurant, opposite sjmc)


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